Help me make a Toa

I'm trying to create a Toa of Psionics MoC who has been imprisoned inside the Pit but now uses a device to breath water. He would have vaguely aquatic features similarly to the Toa Mahri, such as different feet. Here are some requirements.

  1. The color scheme must be true to that of a Toa of Psionics.

  2. He can be any sort of build, Inika or otherwise. The only problem is I have zero experience in custom...well...anything besides armor.

  3. I will not paint any pieces due to the fact that it might ruin the color of a mask and I'd have no way to reverse it if it doesn't match up with any BIONICLE colors.

  4. He must be less than 1.5x the size of a normal Inika build Toa. This means no titans.

  5. I'm going for a little bit of a spindly/hunched look, but not too much.

So, anyone want to help out?


Just gonna chip in and say, I would suggest using two of the Hero Factory brain attack swords back to back...

I would also suggest you keep in the cape type thing. If you have some spare fabric lying around, cut some axle size holes in it and stress it

I did plan on including some sort of cloak, but I'd like to get at least his basic frame and armor down first before even thinking about it. Also, as for the weapon, I was thinking something more along the lines of Furno 1.0's fire blade thingies or perhaps Tarix's sword connected to an arm.

Right ok, for the body, get some ideas from Brutaka and other '06 titans, because that's the kind of look you want.

Also, the reason I said the Brain Attack swords, is cause they are one solid colour. Problem with furno blades and tarix blade is that they have another colour that might throw off the colour scheme.

Tarix's blade has the perfect color scheme.
Furno's has the perfect shape.

I don't mind hilt colors, to be honest. It's mostly the glow as the hilt can be hidden.

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Well, for the weapon at least I have something that might work. I'm thinking that if you were to use the Fire sword we got with Ackar back in 2009 if you padded it up on the sides with armor pieces like piece #61805 below and some other components you could probably effectively recreate it.... granted, the flame WOULD be orange instead of green.

Sorry for not posting a photo with this as I can't since I just joined the message boards, but hopefully you can see what I'm going for.

Hope this helps!

I'm going for a blue look, considering Toa of Psionics are blue and gold. If I was okay with orange, I would've gone with Furno's weapon.

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Alright, I'm considering just painting Furno's blade to be done with the whole weapon discussion. Is there any 'best' way to recolor it? I'm thinking maybe a paintbrush or sharpie (if it even comes in a color similar to Tarix's sword...)

Hmmm... have you looked into the new fire pieces used in the 2015 Kopaka's shield? If you take those and use those shield pieces around them with maybe a blue variant of part #U135A you could still have a similar effect...? I think that could , but you'd need some connection work in the center, maybe with a few part #32184 to hold them together and some bushings/extenders to put the flame in the center farther out for effect? This could keep you from having to repaint anything and lets you keep up with the blue.

Hope this helps as an alternative.

Hmm.. How about two of these?

You can get 'em from Kopaka. smile

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@Garnira @legofan3225

Thanks for the suggestions guys, but at this point I'd like to move on from the weapon. I've already made my decision on just repainting Furno's blade thing as I have a ton.

I'm thinking the head and/or armor plates, mainly shoulders, could be skull-spider masks

Just by looking at the head, you could use a Skrall Glatorian helmet? Just beef it up around the shoulders and you've got a nice lookin dude.

I think that he should just use a kanohi mask since the skrall are a completely different species (but that's just my opinion)

@ToaKobondo @RaggedClaws @TheJMPofArcadia

Okay, let me clarify: The only thing I'm basing off the picture is the weapon, and potentially the cloak. The rest has nothing to do with him.

I've already decided on Tarix's helmet as his reconstructed mask.

The main thing I'm having troubles with is his actual body – his torso, legs, arms, etc. As someone who has been using the Inika build exclusively for his entire MoCing 'career', I'm having troubles coming up with creative ideas. In fact, I'm having troubles creating armor as I feel that I'm limited to only using Brutaka gold and Metru blue pieces, so I'm completely lost as to what I should do.

Perhaps I'm just limiting myself too much with the color scheme?

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The color scheme does seem mildly limiting due to the lack of these types of pieces, but when it's done I feel it will be a cool moc. I'd recommend adding some silver into there though to make it a bit easier on yourself.

And IDK if this will help, but (perhaps) for some armor ideas here's the Moc I'm currently working on....

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This isn't major, but I'd just like to point out that every Toa of Psionics other than Orde is a female =P
(In official canon, that is.)

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it's his moc, he can just do whatever.

...unless he wants to keep it within the accepted canon, which is indeed up to him entirely.

I'm well aware, but the character originates in a RP which is essentially an alternate canon – same events, different characters. He's essentially supposed to be Orde, though he got a much worse punishment (which is why he'll have some mutated features).

My main issue is that not too many armor pieces are in Brutaka gold, but I simply don't see how I'd be able to incorporate silver into the MoC without making it look too awkward.