Help Need For OOG(Okoto Online Game)!

I am in need of some to help me for rigging and skinning the characters for OOG. I need some that knows blender enough to do so, I can do it but if I'm doing that it means I can't build the world at the same time.

Who ever can help me with this would be recognized when OOG is released and with get a 3d print of the in game model for the skull spiders.

Skull Spider:
It's a white 3d print of the in game model (dimensions are 1.57x1.37x0.84 inches)

Please comment if you can help with this, preferably if you have experience with blender and thank you.


Sorry Tak, but this belongs in Promotions and Advertising, which only Masters can post in. I can open this back up should you become a Master. smile