Help needed identifying object. (update: "Rock em Sock em Robots")

So I have this little tool thing from an old constructible robot I got around the same time as some to the early Bionicle sets (2001-2003). This is all I have left of it and can’t remember what it’s from. It has four types of screw driver on it, Phillip’s head ( + ), flat head ( - ), hexagon socket and hexagon stud thing.

This tool has haunted me for years because I cannot remember what it’s from haha.

Anybody remember this type of thing?

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Well after some more digging I found it haha.
I guess it’s from a line called “Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots”, from the year 2000.

I think this might be the one I had.

I feel silly answering my own question but I guess I will leave this post up incase anyone else had a similar childhood mystery.