Help with weapons?

I’m trying to make a toa team with some cool weapons. I’ve got an idea of daggers, but I can’t quite figure out how. Can someone help me with some techniques for weapons?


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Staffs usually work out pretty well, but make sure that your design isn’t over complicated.


Thanks :smile:

For daggers you can use any small blade. I like using HF savage planet spikes as daggers, or Mahritoran claws.

For other character weapons, swords, shields and axes are regulars for Toa.

Scythes all day everyday.

They’re basic enough. A nice design for a large-bladed scythe is to use the Lhikan greatsword on a long stick. Looks good, in my opinion.

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Bows are probably the hardest possible weapon, most people cop out and make slingshots, then they try to pass them off as bows.

These are people I want to hit.

The basic idea is that the bowstring mustn’t stretch and the limbs should to have both compression and tension.
Here’s an example of what I did.


That… That bow… OMG

I’m an archer, and I have several really nice bows, but I’ve never tried making one out of BIONICLEs. This looks amazing.


I’m just gonna save that image for later. (i’m fine if you don’t want me using the technique, but it’s just too amazing to end up forgetting)

for bows, I typically go for the stylistic, but non-functional approach and just use technic to extent two blades.

The real trick with weapons is scale. you can make a amazing weapon, but if it’s too big or small (even by a little bit) it can just look stupid. Always be sure to know what weapons you want the MOC to have, then build the weapons very last.

For specific types of weapons, warhammers are cool, but really heavy and hard to make look right. I would only recommend using them for large MOCs.

For weapons I usually mess with blades and such until I find something that looks cool. Really easy weapons to make are staffs, quick and easy but still look good.

I suggest using those light staff head pieces from the takanuva stars as daggers, pretty short

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That looks pretty nice. Might look at this again later, one of the Toa on my current team needs a bow.
My current concept was that I would include some click hinges in the bow for it to bend, but technic axles seem like a better idea.

@metrulizer That bow is really boss, good show!

I recently put a tutorial for my chainfist design on the tutorials thread, if you’re interested. You can change out the blades to make something more like the hidden blade from AC or something similar.

I usually look at pictures of real weapons and concept art for weapon ideas.
like @ToaOrrel said, scale’s the most important thing. I once watched a few youtube videos comparing movie/fantasy weapons to real-life weapons that had some good guidelines.
I’ve found in matters of scale it’s best to measure with the character’s body. A broadsword sword should be as tall as the center of the chest, a hand-and-a-half sword should reach the waist, a shortsword should reach the hips, and a dagger should be about a cubit (as long as the distance between the elbow joint and the tip of the fingers)

This video’s got a lot of good tips for realistic weapons, and this channel in general is very good about this.

With weapons, I usually put a little twist to things as taking inspiration from RWBY. For example, two claws are on ball joints on the arm of my Self MOC Vortrakk, but that’s not all, he has knife on his back for storage, and a pistol that forms the abdomen section. Also, the knife can combine with the pistol or form a large hand with the two claws. Ahkahna on the other hand, a gun is found on her back the deploys a bit of armor plating, and parts of her skirt for a shield and dagger.

So yeah
I just started work a bow of my own and took some inspiration from this one

I know this may or may not be creative, as it’d work like laser-beams in Bionicle, but may I suggest intergrated weaponry? I know most of you guys would rather have normal weapons, but Imagine being able to summon forth a weapon from your body? Here’s a few weapon designs I created for my mocs(they’re sorta uncreative and bland though)

I’m just suggesting this. If it ain’t your forte, you don’t need to make something like it


Built-in weaponry’s nice. Wrist blade cliche comes to mind.

Something that would be creative is a forearm that transforms into a weapon, like Mega Man’s arm does in the Smash Bros. 4 animations.


I do like that last weapon, keeps reminding me of stuff from Half-Life 2 and Portal.
Another nice idea mentioned earlier is weapons mounted on arms, like the on-the-cusp-of-cliche wrist-blade, or wrist-gun, or wrist-chainsaw (Insert shameless self-promotion of my tutorial on my chainfist here).
Magicer weapons, such as staves or wands, can be tricky. I made a pretty sweet one using a three-axel connector piece, three thornax launchers, and a appropriately-colored zamor ball to make a spiffy top for a staff. Generally speaking, such things should be intricate, and elegant. You don’t want it to be too busy or bulky, unless it’s for an evil character, in which case just throw a bunch of SPIKEY BITZ together and see what works.

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Just wanted to say thank you for all these weapon ideas. They’ve really helped me with ideas for future weapons and I hope you keep’em coming.