Helryx 2015 moc

This is a moc of helryx I made using gali master of water and some of my own pieces.

from front from back with weapon on back gear box

After the events inside mata nui, helryx and the other members of the order of mata nui (disbanded) teamed up with the agori to form a council that would govern spherus magna.


This looks cool. Helryx was described as being frail though, and here she looks quite not frail. Perhaps she’d look better without some of the armor?

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Thanks for telling me this, i haven’t been able to read any of the books so I didn’t know this. I will try to update soon.


Good job!

I think it was either from the book where Takanuva is hit by the shadow leech and sent to Karda Nui by the Order, or in one of Takanuva’s Blogs. Whichever it was, Takanuva was surprised at how frail she was (given that she’s literally over 101,000 years old).

I think this looks spectacular. Even though it takes some traits from the new Gali, the MOC looks stunning, and clean.

Thanks, I’m exited to read the books, I just don’t have them yet. Also, I have been messing around with this moc and can’t find a way to make her look frail or a little less armored without her looking incomplete. Next time I make a bricklink order I will buy more blue pieces for her. And to everyone leaving comments, thanks, it really means a lot to me. This is the first moc I have put anywhere. I plan to put more mocs up soon. Sorry for the long comment (:

A relitively simple MoC, but I like it. The color scheme flows pretty well imo, the weapons look good, and I like the mace storage. It’d be cool if you could incorperate storage for the sheild as well, though I can see that being hard with the gear function. As a stickler for story I will say they are right in how she was discribed, but as this is more based on Gen 2 (I think) some artistic licience is acceptable lol.

Also, ignore this if you know of it, but if you want story details there’s a great site called Biosector01 that has a page for Helryx and at the bottom of the page under appearances it lists what she’s been in. Most of here appearances have not been in books, they’ve been in the online serials, which were copied on to BS01 before Bionicle story dot com was taken down. So if you want to read them they’re there.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tried multiple ways to put the shield on the back but it sticks out to far. I guess if she wants free hands, she’l have to leave the shield at her house lol. Also I didn’t know about the non book appearances, I’ll have to read up on those.

Very nice, and I applaud weapon storage.

Very nice job at making it look like Helryx: I really like the mace.

Keep working on that weapons storage system for the shield. You’ll figure something out eventually.

Looks a bit too much like a Gali revamp to me. Some variation would help this a lot.

After taking apart some sets I made some minor tweaks. I took the yellow gear off the back and replaced it with a black one. Also I took the longer upper arm piece and replaced it with a shorter one with a friction joint. Lastly, I took the yellow eye stock and replaced it with a blue one.
Edit: I forgot to mention I took the gunmetal add on off the upper leg.