Helryx (Canon Contest #1 | The First)

Here’s my version of Helryx for the first Canon Contest. I haven’t done any MoCing in quite a while but these contests got me excited. :stuck_out_tongue: Since she’s the first Toa, I replicated elements of the Mata build and used a lot of Technic bits to make her look “older” than the more recent Toa designs.

Here’s the full gallery with more angles and breakdowns.
Imgur Gallery

And that’s my Helryx! I’m really enjoying seeing all the entries so far. :slight_smile:


Very nice shield and mace, though the proportions seem a bit off- I don’t know if the arms are too short, or if it’s just the skirt throwing me off, though. The chest plate with the Throwbot hands is very clever, as are the worm-gear pistons on the sides.

I like the build overall, I really like what you did with the shield and mace construction, but the legs are kinda massive in relation to the rest of the body.