Helryx08 Self-MoP; The Protector of Assassins

So… this is interesting. I actually built this when I first got the new sets, took pictures, and completely forgot about it. It isn’t supposed to be anything fantastic; it’s just inspired by my Self-MoC, built on the standard taller Protector frame.

Expect more pictures to be uploaded in the next two days. I took a LOT of pictures of this one, so I’ve got some sifting to do.


'tis ninja. Except for the arms, chest, and head.

Pretty cool protector.

He’s pretty cool, although the white seems like it could be haphazardly if he’s supposed to be an assassin.

Have you never played assassins creed? White is the way to go! Anyways, I like how you used the friction adder joint to add bulk and height. Great moc!

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Two Helryxs. Both of whom are likely male IRL.

What is becoming?

On-topic, I like the MOC and its simplicity. Very representative of the old G1 SelfMOC


looks nice, the shoulder armor reminds me of ezios cape, though, I would have given the upper legs white as well, to look like coat-tails.
now I want a protector mask in white and trans red.

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Well it’s a protector so I love it.

I know. I woke up one morning, saw a new topic made by a user named ‘helryx’, and immediately thought: “Oh crap. Things are gonna get confusing from here on out.”

This is where the idea of the cape in my original self-moc came from.


This is just what I did to make it look like my actual self-moc.

Expect more photos later tonight. (I should be studying right now…) But thanks for all the feedback!



For some reason, I cannot update my original post.


Here’s more:

Still more to come… until then, enjoy!


More photos- finally! These are actually from way back when I originally took photos, I just forgot to upload them a while ago. (Is this a double post if it contains new content?)

This is the last batch of photos.



I do believe double posting is allowed in Creative Content.
But those weapons! They look nice! I really like the spear

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Bit generic.
It’s just a Protector…
I don’t know what to say .-.