Helryx08's Feeble Attempts at Stop-motion

I have made a grand total of two stopmotion videos. The first was a project from a while ago when we were reading the book Shane in 6th Grade. The other is one that I created over the course of around a year. They are both not recent.

Well... what do y'all think?


So, in the second video the walk and kick animation is what I'm interested in. The walk itself wasn't very smooth but the kick was well-done. It was smooth and a fast enough but not too fast speed. That's the right kind of style to do, and I find that most amateur stop-motion artists have a hard time finding the right balance, esp. in action scenes. I do stop-motion and I could show you what I mean. (I don't have them on my YouTube channel so I'll have to upload them and then link them later.) I'll probably just make a new stop-motion test video showcasing the kind of fluidity and speed of most actions.

Otherwise, it is a little choppy and you definitely need more frames and fps.The camera angles are alright, but (and this is another common mistake) They hardly follow the rule of thirds. I'm not going to explain that because a simple search on Google will do.

I find myself criticizing this as if it were a professionally done piece... that what I get for taking the stop-motion elective...

For a beginner who hardly works on these, they are better than most. far better than the majority of Youtube's.

I don't mean to sound like a condescending twit, cuz I feel like that's how I'm coming off, but oh well.



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