Helryx's Rahi MOC Topic!

I will be posting all of my rahi mocs on here.

I don’t have a name for the rahi above. I do for this one however.
This is the fire breed of a rizer dragon. He is a peaceful creature but if threatened can breath fire. He behaves much like a bear.

If you have any suggestions for names for the other ones please let me know. I will update this topic with any new rahi I make.


they mostly look abit humanoid, but good job!


Thanks, I will try to deviate from that in the future.

Loving the 1st and the 4th one, really got an animal vibe with those two!

The others are nice and creative - but they look more like drones, rather than rahi

But hey, they’re still nice and a very good use of ccbs :smile:


I like the first one.

Very cool. Good job on all of them.

Nice job Helryx, also with the last one I couldn’t help but call it the Lord of Skull Dragons.



I really like the first one. Looks absolutely beastly.

The third one is probably my favorite; it resembles some sort of mole or anteater.

Wow! I really like that first one! Good job! Have a cookie! :cookie:

And might I suggest the name Frost Kieli?

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For which one?

The second-to-last one, that you were looking for a name for.

For the others, I would name them the following:

Shadow Spiders and a two-eyed, two horned, flying purple people eater.

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Oh, I don’t have a name for the first three. The name sounds fitting. Sure!

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I just named the other two, too! :smile:

You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, thanks :smile:

Perfect :100: :ok_hand: :joy:

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Well, it was ''Helryx’s rahi topic"

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''helryx’s Rahi MOC Topic!"
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You can keep the moc.

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