Helryx's Self-Moc

Well. Here is my "temporary" self moc.


He was originally a guard serving Artakha and was given a task to spy on Karzahni. When he went, he decided to work for Karzahni. He was working as a double agent for both sides, Both thinking he was loyal to them.

Without warning, He stole a powerful scythe from Artakha, indestructible armor from Karzahni, then disappeared from the matoran universe. He is now a mercenary who travels between plains of existence.

He isn't as big or complex as other mocs but I am happy with his appearance. What do you guys think? Also, I haven't thought of a name yet.


nice scythe

He also somehow reminds me of @KyoryuYellow1138 somehow..... I guess it's a nice build for a bionicle character using the base HF build


He is a bad @$$


Thanks :smile:

Yep :sunglasses:

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I love the use of Onua's hammer for the back armor!


Though it's a simple design, I really like this MOC. The colors are consistent and work well together, and the BA Surge helmet fits perfectly.

If I had to have a issue with this MOC, it would be the chest. It seems very empty with those Exo-Force limbs pointing towards an empty Hero Core slot. confused

Overall, I'd give it an 9/10 for a simple yet good use of CCBS.


Thanks smile
If I find something to go on the chest I'll update.

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This MOC is really solid. I personally always imagined Helryx with gold pieces of armor instead of silver, but hey, it's your moc!
My only problems with this creation are: The weapon, that feels kind of out of place and don't really fitting with the character and I kind of teel there should be a piece in the chest. It looks weird with those blue pieces sticking out and nothing more, you could add something to make it look more "feminine".
Appart from that, is a solid creation


This isn't supposed to be helryx, it's just my self moc. Thanks for the feedback though!

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looks glorious

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He's completely different now, but I did keep some of my favorite aspects.

I'm also changing the back story, although he is still a mercenary.



that's a lot of gold...


Yeah... I want to add some trans red after the summer sets come out.


I take it the poor guy had a...disagreement...with Mr. Midas? wink


I think the white and blue color scheme is great! jkjkjk#thedress

I actually like the "overabundance" of gold as a primary color.
The horn thing looks weird to me, but I'm sure you did it for a reason idk yet.
His shins could use something to break up the solid gold on them.


I didn't get it at first because I thought you were talking about a bionicle character. I get it now, and I almost died of laughter.

It's emo hair. I don't have hair like that IRL, but I thought it looked cool.

Thanks for the feedback :smile:


I prefer the older color scheme, but this one isn't bad either.


I do like the first one better, mainly for the color scheme, but the new trans red pieces look like it will help this MOC out. Both are really cool, and now I have two reasons to look forward to the summer wave.

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