HERAKLES - Battle Robot

So, this is HERAKLES.

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He's a fighting robot who's built to take a lickin' and keep on kickin'!

First real build in approx 3yrs... Hope to keep the momentum up and build a bit more.


Phenomenal! The shaping of the whole MOC has a great flow to it and makes for a unique silhouette. I'm also impressed with your usage off the Savage Planet weapon piece and tusk in the making of the head.

Nice MOC. The head looks weird. I like everything else.

This looks great, really like the head design, very fitting name since it looks like a Hercules beetle. This build would work well as a rhino (Spider-Man) moc. Good job :+1:

Amazing work. I like how filled out his silhouette is.

Very solid (literally) work. However, I can't shake the image of that head on a unicorn...

looks great! :slight_smile: Also I was hoping you could share how you took the picture? I have been working on a few mocs lately and I'm concerned that if I take a pic of one with a dark colour scheme it'll be hard to make out. Thanks!

@stoax; @Blue_Robots; @Boxxer; @ReeseEH; @Drahcir_Nosnevets: Glad you guys like him! Pretty sure a unicorn with that head would be a sight to see lol.

@TolerantAxe97: My setup has definitely improved over the years, but I can't preach enough about using a lightbox to take photos of MOCs. I built my first one out of a cardboard box and tissue paper. That box lasted me til I moved, and then it sadly got destroyed. Now it's pretty easy to find a pop-up one online lol! The homemade one works perfectly fine, the pop-up one is just very convenient and a bit more duable.

I've probably got more invested into my current setup than most, but I'm starting to get more serious about my photography hobby as well.