Here is my apology to Vahkiti

Addressing Liam’s allegations against me:

  1. No, the stalking was never intentional. I did not realize I got banned at all, and I swear to God that if I was actually stalking I would probably stay off the internet for a while while I sort out what went wrong.
  2. I am autistic and have a hard time following instructions and understanding other’s social cues.
    Honestly, I’m genuinely sorry for breaking the rules and stepping on you. I meant no harm, but I still take full responsibility for all of my actions. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.
    I misunderstood the current situation and didn’t mean to freak you guys out. That’s all.

Why is this being posted here. EDIT: Oh the name Vahkiti is familiar, the owner of the Beaverhouse YT Channel, I still don’t understand why post this here, but you do you.


As these actions seemed to have happened off of the boards, and given that Vahkiti hasn’t been on the boards in almost 3 years (meaning they very likely will never see this apology), I don’t see any real reason for this topic to stay open.