Here's a gag moc I put together

Well, the title says it all. I didn’t get the hero pack in June of last year, but I found that they were selling them at the Lego store that I go to. I bought one, of course, and seeing the trans-orange Tahu head made me want to use all my trans-orange on a single MoC. here’s the result:

And since he’s mostly trans-orange, I can do this with blacklight:


It actually looks kina groovy man but have you thought about using orange trans bones and calling it the invisible flame

Trans orange bones? Which set are they from? I don’t have any

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They are from the Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder set

What trans orange bones? the rib cage? I don’t see any trans orange bone pieces or CCBS “skeleton” pieces in skull grinder. But he was one of the sets I used to make this.

Tahu 2016 has trans-orange bones, so does Ikir. Also this guy’s cool :smiley:

Why does it say it’s a gag when this actually looks cool.


I was expecting some thing sucky! Boo! /s

Just kidding, I love this.

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Needs Slicer’s trans Skull Spider legs for its toes

Not bad. It has an interesting look to it

He contains one of the smallest size in trans orange.
Only ONE.

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The weapons are cool and the trans orange is lovely in a blacklight.

The MOC actually looks pretty good design-wise

At first, I thought the title said “gang moc” and I was like yo yo piraka

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I actually kind of dig it.

for a joke moc, this looks pretty good, like the guy is made of fire

Nice joke MOC.

BTW The black light makes that look amazing.

Trans orange-gasm… Looks awesome.

I like it, putting the MOC under black light looks really cool!

black light got me like :open_mouth: