Heritage and Genetics Topic

Ssshhh ...

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Sure. But not about the part you think.

I can't disprove you. We don't have them here. Wonder why? =P


Count me in on that one!

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Oh, heritage. Fun.
My mother is adopted and although we have done some research into her birth family, I know nothing about their genetics/heritage.
My father is not adopted although his mother is adopted. Her formerly long-lost sister (adopted by a family on the other side of the country) was inspired by their reunion to do some very heavy research, and traced their birth family all the way back to the Black Douglas clan of ~15th century Scotland.
My father's father was not adopted. His great-something grandparents came to America from Germany, I'd assume in the mid-19th century, and (if I remember correctly) more of his ancestors (maybe even his parents or grandparents) came from Germany in the early 20th century to escape a World War.
1/4 German, 1/4 Scottish, 1/2 unknown.


I believe I go back to the Clan Gunn. Don't quote me on that.

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As far as I'm aware, my heritage lies completely with Sweden so I'm a 100 %, pure-blooded (that doesn't sound wrong at all), Viking from the North.

Congratulations, you're one of the Nazi superior race.


no he's not.

i see my comment was deleted because i didn't think people should hate being themselves :^]

I don't know my genetics too much.
But I know that I'm Vietnamese.

I just enjoy being left handed for some reason.

I'm mainly English, but have French, and Prussian in my veins, too. I forget the others, if I have any.

so east german?

Only the very northeast corner of Germany, though.

True You don't need to say Prussian though. it makes you sound Pretentious.

Oh and all of my Genetics come from Austria and Germany.
Only i in my family am from Belgium (as i was born there) though my parents will be leaving Belgium to go back to Austria (their place of birth) soon.

That statute is close to my school


Is that a statue of William Wallace, who I am a descendant of?



Show off.


william wallace had no children..

He had cousins, and that's all that counts :stuck_out_tongue:


if they were female not in the British monarchy up until 2013!

hey o!

I'm descendant of some old monarchy here in Europe however my parents wont tell me who :/