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Before we begin, I would like to preface that this is in MY HF universe, getting progressively darker. It also has quite a bit of lore behind it. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Lord Furno: The Furno of what’s now an alternate universe, in a nutshell, he’s basically WFC/FOC Megatron, but a modded, taller, and more imposing Furno XL, with Surge as his Starscream.

STEVE drones: Specially Trained Evolved Violent Energy Soldiers; STEVEs are basically an army of faceless drones used by the Hero Factory to quickly eliminate or bring villains to prison. They are commonly destroyed.

The Great Extinction: A period in time where nearly all STEVEs were destroyed, and few heroes remained. This happened after a large war with the Terminators (a place almost running like Hero Factory, they’ve been their arch enemies for quite a while) but it completely eradicated the Terminators… For now…

Hero factory Archives Volume #1: Day of the Ariel Stevie

After The Great Extinction, few heroes remained. But, they’re numbers grew tremendously, as many more Stevies were in production. They did much in their time.
The Stevies even had gladiatorial tournaments. But all of that was changed when
Hero Factory made a Stevie far too powerful. This Stevie knew no boundaries. He was the Ariel Stevie. This Stevie won every match and tournament he entered. Because he found this to be fun, over time he became corrupted. He became so corrupted that he planned to destroy Hero Factory. He destroyed countless Stevie’s with his duel canons. Lord Furno arrived and saw what has happened. There was fire everywhere and deactivated Steve’s on the ground. Furno knew he had to put a stop to this. The Ariel Stevie spotted Furno. He said “this is MY factory now, Furno. Give up or face the ultimate price- a trip to oblivion!” Furno did not falter. He said “Ariel Steve! You have become far too dangerous to keep around! So, I don’t quite regret to inform you that today shall be your last day on this planet!” The Ariel Steve said back, taunting, “You can’t destroy me. like in all of those gladiatorial battles, I will come out on top, victorious!”

The Ariel Stevie then challenged him to a duel to the destruction. " I shall except your challenge. I can not let you win!" The battle had started. The Ariel Steve charged multiple times, each blow taking at least an armor plate.
Furno figured out a way to destroy him, but he already had half of his left arm, the top armor on his left leg, and the bottom armor on his right leg.
Furno held up his shield and first, it only took off an armor plate, but when he kept on doing it, it grew to take off an arm. When he the Ariel Stevie was could only be hit a few more times, he stopped ramming him, he landed and blasted his cannons and damaged Furno pretty bad. Neither of them could take many hits.
Furno was hit even more by the Ariel Stevie’s duel blasters. He could only take so many more hits. But this wasn’t the only battle going on. Surge and Bulk were battling many rouge Stevie’s and brains. Then, Furno made the final few hits. He stabbed and chopped the Ariel Stevie into a bunch of pieces. One of their most powerful Stevie’s was now in multiple, chopped up pieces. Their fight was finished, Furno had won. Furno helped Surge finish cleaning up the city from the mess the battle left.

About a month later, the remaining heroes like Stormer and Rocka, who had their own problems, rebuilt the Stevie’s. There were 4 Super Stevie’s, The Weak One,and two Double Stevie’s, and the rest were all normal Stevie’s. The heroes learned from that day to never make a Stevie too powerful, or else history would repeat itself.


The Exterminator: a powerful leader of the Terminators, he constantly destroyed heroes, and was a very dangerous enemy. He was ruthless, cunning, and powerful, possessing large cannon and sword.

Hero Factory Archives Volume #2:
Rise of the Snake God

Furno was given much smaller armor based off of his original, or 1.0 armor. Then, he was paralyzed by the Exterminator, and kicked into the bottom of an ocean. 3 days later, a team of heroes, successfully stopped a villain that was the same species as the villain
Jawblade, and they found Furno, so they brung him back to the the surface and revived him only to be shot to pieces by 3 terminators. Furno was up and running. He destroyed all 3 of them. Then, he had to take on the Exterminator, who, while Furno was at the bottom of the ocean, the Exterminator had summoned and awakened a being of extraordinary power. A beast so magnificent, one could see it from space: the Exterminator had awakened the Snake God. Then he had to take on the Snake God summoned . He had done this by using the Temple of Snakes and chanting a prophecy that had not been used in thousands of years. He had succeeded. The Snake God had risen. The Snake God then went on a rampage, destroying everything in its path. He had to have the help of two survivors, one could only be around in December. His name was Christmas Steve. The other survivor’s name was Furno 2.0, who was later destroyed by the Snake God. The Snake God tried to eat Furno, but this only resulted with its jaw being kicked off. Since it had no other defenses because Christmas Steve had chopped it’s tail off, so Furno came in for a final blow: and its head was chopped off. The Snake God was gone.

There was much celebrating that day, and during all of this celebration, the heroes remembered all of those who had fallen in the fight against the Snake God.


Forerunners: Yes, let’s get the cat out of the bag. I copied Halo 4! But I only did this with the species and a quote or two.

Hero Factory Archives Volume #3
Pt. I
The Age of the Forerunners Pt. I

It began as a simple recon mission, on planet Arionix III. As they scouted the planet, nothing was quite out of the ordinary. The scout team never saw it coming.

They had found something on that planet. And it made sure that they would never return, in a very gruesome way.

Once Zib saw this on the monitor, he almost immediately dispatched a fireteam for the planet. This fireteam was comprised of Furno, Stormer, Rocka, and quite a number of Steve drones.

They made it to the planet, but did so too late. The scout team lied in parts on the ground. Whatever these strange creatures were, the whole team didn’t quite want to know, as just one could destroy an entire scout team.

Just then, the bushes rustled, then stopped. Something was close. The team grabbed their weapons. Then, the creature in the bushes stepped out to reveal itself. It was a hulking, almost 10 foot robot!

The heroes had to make a choice. Would they try to defeat this robot and take him down, even though it could very well get them killed, or run and live to fight another battle. By the time they made their decision, the robot somehow had them suspended in midair!
It crushed the head of one of the Steve drones, muttering something about the unreliability of drones, rather than actual robots. During this, he also called them a bunch of …REMOVED FROM ARCHIVES…
and proceeded to crush them. He let some of them go, with a message. The message was simply “The Forerunners have returned.”

They came back to the factory, surprised that they had, in one piece, at least. They nearly collapsed once they told Zib the message. The Age of the Forerunners had begun. They had to end it as quickly as they could. Zib decided to send the Alpha Team, giving them new armor and the anti-gravity boots that Furno had ordered. The Alpha Team stepped into their hero pods, hoping to survive the coming battle.

       -END PART I-

Hero Factory Archives vol. III
Pt. II
Age of The Forerunners

The heroes were as ready as they could be to battle a threat as massive as the Forerunners, both mentally and physically. It had been three days straight of preparation for the Alpha Team. Even then, they were still nervous about the coming battle during their Hero Pod launches. All eight of them.

It had seemed like forever, just waiting in their Hero Pods, ready to launch. Just then, they did. They launched back to Arionix III. All of the Alpha Team members (except Breez, who was already out on another planet) flying in pods to accomplish one goal: stop the Forerunners.

At last, the heroes had arrived. They had their normal shells, all except for Furno. To take on a threat like this, he would need to become… Larger. So he took the Furno XL Armor and was off. They found ruins of what must’ve been a great castle. They had stumbled into a trap! Forerunners were on every side, charging to attack the heroes. They were surrounded. They only had one option- to battle. To try to survive the coming onslaught in the form of an army of ancient robots. Gunmetal robots, with parts that glowed a color in between red and orange. Ancient robots, who called themselves Forerunners.

They stood in a circle ready to face the coming army. The robots charged. They fell by the ones. Tens. Hundreds. They battled for hours. There still felt like millions of robots left. Just then, the robot with the hammer rose above the others. It rose its war hammer the heroes floated. They were launched and smashed into the stone walls. They had no way of winning the battle. But then, just before he was smashed into another wall, Furno remembered that he had ordered the heroes to get the boots that heroes used on moons, and other celestial objects. Boots that could defy gravity. He ordered the other heroes to turn them on, as Stormer was unconscious. The robot was stunned. It had not accounted for this. Furno ordered the other heroes to hold off the robots. He was going to try to defeat their leader. He charged. The robot slammed its hammer against his shield. Furno kept battling the robot, while the other heroes tried to defeat the army, but they were too much. The heroes were swarmed with robots and knocked out, all Except for Furno, they were all defeated. And the robot laughed. It laughed with a cold, metallic laugh.

Power radiated from the robot. Furno only had one shot to defeat the robot, and had to act fast to do it. The robot swung it’s hammer, caching one of Furno’s side chest plates.while he was recovering,the robot hit him again, removing the red plate on his left leg. The process continued until Furno only had one plate on each limb. The army was coming toward him, and he had no way to escape! The robot once again laughed, saying “You’re DOOMED, hero!” Furno asked the factory to send him “code red.” They listened,and left to send it. Zib came back and said “it should get there in about 32 minutes. I just hope you can hold out that long, Furno!” “I’ll try!” Furno responded, while destroying multiple robots, which were charging at him with their glowing red energy blades drawn. But they were still coming. Hordes of ancient robots, all coming to destroy him. After what felt like hours of battling later, the robots began to defeat him. All hope was lost. He desperately needed a core recharge, but knew he couldn’t get one. Just then, he could barely make out something flying straight for him from the sky through the robots on top of him- code red! The robots immediately got off of him and ran. Some of the more foolish ones did not- a mistake that they would soon regret, as the flying thing wrapped around Furno, creating an explosion, destroying all of the nearby robots. Once the smoke cleared, the robots could make out something larger in the sky. It was Furno! Code red gave him two large, red wings and epic red, gold, and gunmetal armor. He took out robots in large groups, at a rapid pace. They didn’t stand a chance! Furno was now even larger than the Forerunner’s leader, as seen when he walked up to it, dispatching multiple robots on the way. He felt unstoppable. The Forerunner tried to hit him with the hammer again, but Furno grabbed the hammer, and sapped it in two over his knee. It landed with a clang on both sides of him. All it took was one punch, and a few rounds from the giant plasma blaster that was on his back to defeat the Forerunner. All. It said was “You only killed the messenger” before collapsing.The robot had been deactivated. The army of robots had noticed this, as they all collapsed as well.battle was over. The heroes had won!

Once they all got back to the Hero Factory, there was much celebrating. After all, they had practically just won a war. The Age of the Forerunners was over!


Archives Volume III, Dark Spirits coming… Soon?

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