"Hero Factory with a Bionicle label slapped onto it"

Something I’ve noticed since the latest pictures have shown up is a lot of sudden hate towards the new sets. More than a few people(especially on youtube) have been complaining unreasonably about how the new sets use the new building system.

So explain this to me, why the hate and why now? It would be one thing if all this started when the first pics came out, but now it’s gotten a little out of control. Has the blissful veil of the fact that Bionicle is returning worn off, and we’re back in the routine of hating everything that lego puts out? And yes, I acknowledge that Biotube has not historically been the smartest section of the Bionicle community, and isn’t a good model for all of us, but the fluctuation is too big to not notice.

Lastly, anyone(myself included) who’s used the CCBS should know that this is going to be great for mocing! Look at all the new detail and weapon parts, not to mention the masks! I really see no reason why people should suddenly be so adverse to the new sets.


While there’s no doubt in my mind that this hate has been appearing, I just wanna stop and say that I see barely any of it, if any at all of said hatred on this site. So yeah, props, fellow fans. 8D

Secondly, I imagine the hate likely spawns from the nostalgia thing Var talked about. We in the Transformers community call it Ruined FOREVER or GEEWUN depending on which you personally thinks fit better. :]


Once again, we refer back to Bionicle Autopsy, on concepts like Elitism and how people aren’t always accustomed to change, which is by no means completely good or bad, but still. That’s how I see it.


Though I must admit that I find the new 2015 sets disfavorable, they are at least better than the Pacific Rim knock offs that were released this year. I think Biotube is caught up too much in nostalgia and was expecting huge sets like the MOCs they themselves build and love.


At first I ‘hated’ Hero Factory, but I got over it. I just basically had mixed feelings…

Now I casually make jokes about how ‘I hate Hero Factory!’, but I don’t ‘hate’ it like I used to. It just, wasn’t, for me.

I really like the CCBS (<— whatever that stands for…) system. Granted, I had to get over my bias against Hero factory. But, it is great!

I was a little bit upset that they didn’t come up with this when they made the 2010 Bionicle sets, but with Bionicle 2015 and all I’m super excited!


CCBS = Character (&) Creature Building System



I dont care about the parts… I will always cling to my classic collection.
What I care about is the story


first time I saw these sets I was astonished
I thought from the start that this was just going to be meh
but for preliminarys they look sweet I mean look at kopaka tahu and onua
and remember these are prelims before you say UGH look how much the ifb changed
lego couldnt care less for ifb, it shows in the marketing and in the tv show, they put no effort into this because of bionicle
anyways thanks for making this topic garnira


Oh man, Haters gonna hate. If you’ve ever been down in the depths of the hangout chats of the G+ BioTubers, you come to realize people will complain about anything.


Personally, I fel like bionicle sets always looked ‘rugged around the edges’, and then when hero factory was introduced the sets became more sleek, and much less rugged looking. I feel like bionicle was meant to look more rugged. I have nothing against the CCBS, but I just feel like the new building system may take some of the spark out of Bionicle. I mean as seen by the new images, the new sets look great, I’m just not sure how I feel about the chest pieces, they look like giant; smooth chunks of plastic, and not very complex like Bionicle is known for doing. And those stickers… I don’t know how I feel about printed images on bionicle figures. I know they did it with Tuma, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Take this as you will, a complaint, or constructive criticism, but that’s just my opinion.


I never liked a lot of the early Hero Factory sets because they simply didn’t look interesting. Once Savage Planet and onward started up, the sets looked better and I got into them. The build system is great and Bionicle will get some great use from it.


One idea that’s been floating around has me laughing out loud at it’s absurdity: “LEGO is gonna release a WHOLE NEW building system for Bionicle’s second wave to replace all the dumb Hero Factory parts.”


well they did that with Hero Factory itself. The first wave was incredibly similar to the Stars sets, and 2.0 introduced the CCBS system. So I can see where they would get the idea.


I’ve seen that justification. It makes absolutely so sense to me. Why try to fix what’s not broken?


I could see them using a hybrid of CCBS and technic. So it won’t be scrapped entirely, but it will be sharing space with a different system.


Wasn’t HF using Technic/CCBS together though?

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to an extent, both mostly in titans, I’m talking about in all sets.


Hmmm. Not too sure how they’d pull that off…

well, like they already are. Look at the sets, the weapons for several of them are built off technic system.

Good point.