Hewkii's Lament

(Foreword: Something I came up with a while ago, somewhat describing my circumstances at the time. Why I began drawing parallels to Hewkii and Macku is beyond me. At least it gives me something BIONICLE related to post here.

I really should have written/posted this when it was relevant to me. You can probably enjoy it nonetheless.)

#Hewkii’s Lament

#A somewhat meaningful message comprised of BIONICLE analogies

#By Hawkflight





How long has it been since we first met

It feels like eons when it’s only been years

We were both young and unsure of the world

I was stepping out of my comfort zone, trying to be helpful

We both just wanted to be alone

I didn’t understand, I didn’t care

Love was non-canon

I’m not sure how and when I noticed you

Whether it was my heart or my brain

What are those anyway?

I was scared and I needed someone to comfort me

You were the only one I could find

Love was non-canon

I wanted to stay with you

I didn’t know if you cared about me or not

But I sure as Karzahni cared about you

Even when I was busy with everything I’d been given

I found the time to smack a rock away from your head

We managed to invent something unexpected

We accidentally became legends

No one noticed how why it came to pass

Love was non-canon

Our fates diverged

Our lives were in danger

I sacrificed how I felt for the cause of “destiny”

Hoping that somehow it would make me feel better

I went through Karzahni and back, literally

Through the thunder of the heavens and the oceans beneath

I found out things about myself I never would have known

I was no longer yours, “destiny” was controlling me

Love was non-canon

So much time has passed

Our stories are not finished, they might never be

I know you’re out there somewhere

Maybe you’re still my friend

I’m still supposed to be the hero

Maybe I’ll think about you again

In a place and a time where it’s accepted

A world where love is no longer non-canon


clap. clap clap. applause breaks out from stadium.

Great! 10/10.

I nearly cried.

That was beautiful.

My reaction exactly.

Slams glass to the table and cries

That was…amazing…

Dude, you should set this to music. This is a great blend of Bonkles and real, heartfelt, storytelling.

Every once in a while, I come acrss a line that resonates well, both in its sound and in its meaning. That’s not a small feat.

A grand piece of literature, definitely easy to relate to.

How has no one tagged me yet


That’s actually not a bad idea, especially seeing as I am in the process of writing music. Definitely would want to rewrite this to fit how I write music, though.

Speaking of… I wonder what would happen if I rewrote this to fit my current situation. Maybe drawing a few metaphors to Generation 2, perhaps?


I sure hope your life right now is not nearly as much of a train-wreak.

Personally, I find that part to be the most resonant. In the first four lines I can almost see Hewkii up in his place late at night, writing this to that Ga-Matoran who he formed a special connection with so long ago and whose whereabouts he’s lost track of since. The last three perfectly describe the feeling of being a Bionicle fan among non-Bionicle fans; the way it can be an in-the-closet situation due to notion that it’s just a kids thing and not among the more accepted ‘adult’ fandoms out there. In fact, line-by-line the whole piece seems to go back and forth between those two scenarios for me before bringing it all back towards that one line: sometimes in this world, love is non-canon; not accepted, not allowed. That makes me feel sad.



These three (non-consecutive) line really tell the sad tale of G2. Wow, this is actually pretty emotional.

Some of the lines in this poem are just so freaking fantastic. They flow so well, and resonate like a deep reverberation for us fans. These are the times when I wish Bionicle was an accepted fandom, more on the level of Star Wars or LoTR.