HF IFB revamp: Stormer Freeze Machine revamp (S21B-ZR0)

It was winter, it was freezing, and I hate getting cold >.<

Okay just kidding guys and gals smile Today I'm going to show it for you, The Alpha Team Veteran's mech itself, Stormer...

Wait, not this one!

More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114946327@N08/sets/72157645666092180/

This is the one I'm talking about! Stormer's Freeze Mech itself, codename, S21B-ZR0 (Obviously name is inspired from Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero's name).

Okay, allow me to tell you the original version of this mech, it was actually, okay set last year, however it suffered from some of the cons that we know, or some of us.
But allow me to explain the pros here. Firstly, the color scheme of it, it was well balanced, but there were kinda too much gunmedal color on the leg area. The new parts were also kinda a pro, and there's nothing more to say about pros. Oh, also those miscellaneous weapons like those mini rocket pods and that siren thing and a radar thing(?), nice touch!
Now let's talk about the cons, considering Stormer's Freeze Mech, the Cryo Cannon was awful, it was more like a cooler than cryo cannon, honestly. Secondly, I really disliked a ridiculous proportions on it, the feet and the hand were gigantic, it was more likely Stormer's "Clown" Mech.
On the left hand area (and I mean Stormer's mech angle), the fingers were so tiny! Thirdly, the torso area, okay, upper and mid area of Freeze Mech's torso were okay, but the crotch area, dear Mata Nui, why it has to be a gigantic part. I understad that it has to be some what different compairing to the other wave 1 mechs, but why? Oh, the back area, yeah, no covering on that mech while Rocka's Stealth Mech had it. And oh god, why it has to be sticky also.
Okay so overall, Stormer's Freeze Mech was meh, but there were some of the nice details on it. Unfortunately, there are some problems on it like "clown" feet and hand, a lamely designed cryo cannon, and the overall design, dropped out.

But in this revamped version of mine, there has been fixed some of the problems, and mainly I have filled that mech with technic and system based parts, but mostly I built it with technic parts. And I have redesigned it into bulky mech. I have "re-revamped" that mech couple of times, so that's why you'll see in flickr page that the feet design of it has been added, in order to add some bulky look. The cockpit area was also revamped slightly. And yes, there is also included Bulk's Drill Machine redesigned, but I'll show it here in future.

Oh, one thing, I really appreciate other people Hero Mech MOCs, but if any of you are interested:


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Yes, I did the tutorial video of it, how to build that torso area. So no problemo! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye And no, I don't have XL Mech's and Ninja mech's tutorial video :c


That looks amazing.

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Ahhh... Very cool MOC stuck_out_tongue

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I much prefer this to evos mech

This one just looks nice
Real great

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The little guy is definitely Kopaka Nuva.


he looks beautiful...

The torso seems a bit iffy and the blue parts really look out of place. I love that gigantic arm canon though!

Looks good, my only suggestions would be to remove the silver and take off the add ons on the upper legs. Otherwise like it a lot.

what gigantic arm story?

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Lovely work here man! smiley

The huge awesome gun on the mech's right arm.

you said canon, not cannon. canon = story. Logic explained


I hate being dyslexic sometimes...

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Don't point out little spelling mistakes, remember?

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wut? that's a thing? now back on topic. The revamp is... cool.

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DAT ICE PUN DOH!!!...maybe..

DAT ICE PUN was intended. Stormer is... cool, his weapons are... cool, and S21B ZR0 is... cool. stuck_out_tongue

puns fo' days!

It is usually frowned upon to be a grammar nazi. But in this case, I got a laugh out of it, so everything's fine. :smiley: