HF moc: Angela Shade

So yeah, she’s a pretty simple moc, mainly made just for an example/build of one of the characters in Tekans timeline, which I may or may not get around to writing down, story wise, but she works for me.

After Tekan was encountered (and subsequently repaired), and had allowed for more extensive studies into his elemental abilities a project was started up to attempt to recreate them, from that project Angela was born.

She was created within the V.1 era but not fully activated or released into action until after the V.2 upgrade was released.

She was placed in a team with Tekan who was instructed to help train her in her powers. She has since proven to be an invaluable asset, managing to curb Tekans usually suicidal plans and causing for him to ‘open up more’ with other heroes, especially the ones who later joined his ‘team’.

Personality: Shade is of a friendly sort, at least until you hurt one of her friends, then you’d best be on your toes because her revenge will be either swift in coming and painful in effect or slow and terrifying, all depends on what was done.

She’s also quite playful, if also jokingly rude at times, casually returning insults with her own, even forming small games out of insult throwing, jokingly teasing others she’s playing actual games with.
But she will apologize if she goes too far and does attempt to avoid that.

Of course even her friendliness can only go so far, if her teamate/s act ‘stupid’ during a mission (coughcough’Tekan’coughcough) she’ll ‘berate’ the hell out of them,

Other attributes: currently she has shown only minor elemental control over shadows, most being able to temporarily darken rooms/light-sources , and even then that is a strain for her. But Tekan does believe that given enough time she will gain more control, and that combined with the continued upgrades she gets as more of his own powers shall only increase her skill, and, while she will most likely never reach the level of the average Toa, that she will become an exemplarily powerful hero.

Weapons: She has upgraded arm power and forearm armour, giving her quite a powerful punch and allowing for her to lift her main weapon, her gravity hammer that is.

This is her gravity hammer, created by reverse engineering Von-Nebula’s blackhole staff, allowing for the creation of this badboy, a hammer that can cause literal shockwaves from impact. (It’s basically the halo gravity hammer =P)


Also, have this second completely and totally original HF moc!


This looks pretty good. Nice beefy arms. I like it.




Not quite what I was referencing but alright.

You would use a blue head and a blue head piece and… wait…

Am I too idiot or I see an Stringer mask on a 2.0 skull.

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Yes! Yes it is! Wanna eve how I did it? I can get the pics up by tomorrow and can link you too it on the how to! (Warning, dependent on pieces owned it may require minor modification of a stick piece)


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I just can’t process. It is too much for me… Yes I want to see how you did this.

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Awesome! I’ll have it up by tomorrow at the latest!
(Semi-inspired by Jangbricks own tutorial for using the 3.0 animal head but using much different pieces/connections)


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Hey stringer! Uhhhh umm never mind.

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That’s a sweet hammer.

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I really like this moc. Its consistent and has nice texturing.

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@RogueToa Yep, she may look similar but she’s not 'im!

@Morgy Thanks! been wanting to use those pieces from Von-Nebula’s staff for a while.

@SonicBionicleMaster Pretty funny seeing as how she was just a quick build! Guess t does make sense though to if you think about it.

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