Hik the Wizard

From his isolated tower in the cold, cold mountains, Hik the Wizard studies the art of magical mage magic.

With his magical amulet and fluffy coat and hat, Hik is one fashionable wizard.

He lives high in the cold, cold mountains. A lot of etherians come to him looking for help though. Seeing into the future, blowing things up or seeking a love potion to help them woo a certain someone.

Hik was made in late 2012 for a BCBS contest. Didn't go much further since I'd started university at that point and was strapped for time and had moved away from my main parts collection... graduation is only 16 weeks away now.. scary stuff.

He's an Etherian, one of a species GoldenArpeggio invented.

No storyline relevance or significance whatsoever. The etherians don't feature in the Cyclic Plane.

Hik was one of those MOCs that sort of just came together all in one afternoon. It started off with me wanting to use one of those chrome dishes from C-3PO with a stud in the middle to get that reflected warm shimmering effect.

He appeared in one of Cossy/GreebleGod's videos too!


the v shape made by the gears in the torso has always looked cool to me.

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Looks good
Whats his personality like

You know I thought i was going to regret clicking on this topic.

This thing is just groovy looking man. I love the v shape made by the gears. I also really like the head and the lower arms.


I remember seeing this in a video made by Cossy. I like what you did with the lower arms, making them larger to give the illusion that he is wearing a robe which fits the wizard motif

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@Whaddon He's like a claptrap, only more annoying and with access to a spellbook.

@Stoax Oh yeah! I'd forgotten about that series XD


I give this MOC alliteration/10.

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Cool MOC! I love the hat.

He's really cool! I really like your use of System pieces, like the Minifig Cape and the golden chain. :smile:


Nice use of parts. very cartooony.

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Looks great!

I like the hat :tophat:

it's weird but my favorite part is the hat

I have no clue why