Hippie and Pippie


An inseparable pair always up to no good. You can usually find them cooking up some absurd scheme to get some free pizza. Detroit-style, naturally…

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A secret Santa build for the one and only Primus, whom I owe a lot to for influencing my build style.

Incidentally, he’s still using my chicken scratch drawing of him as his pfp so that’s kinda neat.


I like these two. They look like they’d mess around a lot.

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Nice use of parts in a very unique way. They don’t look messy either. Good job.

those red and blue pins on pippie make me want to explode

I love Hippie’s head, and all the exposed ball joints on Pippie is a neat design, though I think my favorite part would have to be their description.

I love the amount of personality their builds exude.

Cool, they’ve got a lot of personality!