History faction wars, legit

This is the actual topic for history faction wars.
All three of every ones cities are classified like this: [enter name of city] 1, ect.


I did. You may want to tag the other players, though, too.

I receive no PM from you yet.

You Pm'ed me, so that counts.

The format to attack or defend is this: "I want to attack rome's 2nd city" or "I want to defend my 1st city."


So... Israel. Israel is currently under the rule of King Solomon, one of the greatest kings of all the middle east. His kingdom stretches from the Red Sea to Damascus.

Each team has 30 troops.
Also, remember to state how many troops your using to attack, and how many your leaving to defend.(In the PM, of course)

Editing PM now.

I would still like a map to work with. (Or do we PM you with the city info so that you can put it up?)

Oh geez i'm bad at telling everyone how to play the game.

Working on the map.

It'd also be nice if the cities had names and not just numbers.

You can name them.
The first city is the actual civiliaton though.
In case thats not clear, the first city would Rome, for example, and the others you would name yourself.

So the first city is like the capital, and if you lose it you lose the game?

It's the most important city, if you lose it you lose 20 troops.

That sounds a bit broken.

Shouldn't we be able to move cities if one falls? Like, let's say Jerusalem falls. Couldn't I move to Jericho or Samaria as my capitol?

I'm editing this as i go along.
I think i might have bit of more than i can chew

If you take over an enemy's capital.
Do you take their 20 troops?

Moving capitols is allowed.
Also, everybody decide who your attacking, scene is going up in an hour.

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Erm... I dunno. I still am not completely sure if I know how to play. Shouldn't we establish more rules, just in case we get into an argument?


Okay, so in the PM, you say i'm sending so and so number of troops, and i'm sending the remaining number of troops to defend so and so city. If the attacker has more troops attacking the city then the defender has defending it, the attacker takes the city. the game keeps going until one civilization wins. you can also form pacts with other civilizations. sorry if i'm bad at this, this is my first time making an online sort of game.