History Faction Wars Reboot!

Hello, and welcome to the new, rebooted, and improved version of History faction wars, with better phrasing of the rules and new stuff!
@BeefJStag : Australia
@Seto_Kaiba : Hunnics
@ColdGoldLazarus : Egypt
@Chronicler : Israel
@RECspiriah : Persia
@fangface1 : Denmark
@Political_Slime : Resigned consul of Rome. (Left the game)
@UmbraManis : Rome
@Artakha : Mongals
@ScissorKnightofRainbows : Sparta
You have 30 troops and 3 cities at your command. 10 archers, 15 sword men and 5 catapults. I will send you a PM that you can use for planning attacks and defenses.
Example: I'm sending 8 sword men and 5 archers to attack Pompeii (Romes 3rd city) And using 1 catapult to defend my capital, so on and so forth.
There are 3 unit types, Archers, sword men and catapults. Each nation specializes in one unit type. If you lose a battle, you lose 2 troops.
Market and Trade
You start with 100 gold. You can use this to buy Soldiers, food and water. Each turn you will lose one food and one water. If you get down to 10 food or water, one of your cities will revolt. That means you will lose control of one city until you buy more food or water. you start with 14 food and water.
you can also trade with other nations. Troops cost 10 gold for 5, water and food cost 5 gold for 2. You lose 10 gold for losing your capital, and 5 for losing one of your other two.
You can make pacts with up to 2 other nations.
Name your cities yourself.

And thats it!


Sounds good; I look forward to this!

Wait, you're already rebooting this? It's only been a week...

It got REALLY BAD in the last game.

Then why even bother ;-;

Way too many mafia games on the boards

It's not mafia......

Still just as much useless crap to read on the boards for anyone who isn't playing.

You could just mute the topic.
Besides, it's not "useless crap" to the people who are playing.

Do we still have our pacts from the other game?

Why not?

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I still want an alliance, Rome.


Anybody wanna alliance with me?


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Mongol Empire and Egypt still allied @ColdGoldLazarus?


Israel still has an alliance with Persia?

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So guys

This will probably be a fun game and all

But I don't think I can participate.

I've got a lot of stuff on my plate right now (School, MOCs, parodies, etc.) and I don't think I'll be able to devote enough time and energy to this game.

Thus, I resign my title as Consul of Rome, and give full control to my fellow Consul @UmbraManis

Senatus Populusque Romanus my friends


Great. Now to use my Zealots to stop a potential takeover of Rome!

This means i run the best army in the world folks!

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Nonsense. I got the Ark of the Covenant. I'm practically unstoppable.

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Fools I have boomerangs.
I outmatch you all.

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