Hivea Queen of the Hive (Insectopia)

Hivea is the queen of Insectopia which is a small colony of Insects, she was INSPIRED by shadowgear’s Vespa. and the head and feeties are from Vespa too, creds to Shads

the gold on Hivea is her Armour while the rest is her normal Bee self, like a bee i gave her 6 limbs but i discarded the fluff that queen bees have.

Hivea is a lesbian, don’t judge how i create my characters

no hate or harsh comments please
if any negative critiques then dont post them


Do those eyes glow in the dark if so can we get pics of that

The moc looks great as well se much detail but i feel the lower legs need to be thicker

im sorry its the sand green that came with the ninjago ghosts

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This is super cool.

She’s giving off a bit of a Gorast give. Great job

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Legs need to be a little thicker, other than that this is cool. Also, we do not need to know the affiliation of the moc :smile:, as it’s normally not important to judging the moc.

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I really have no other words on how awesome this is.

this Reminds me of a robot master

The lower arms look a little odd, but everything else about this MOC is solid!

Why should this impact ones viewpoint on a piece of plastic
I mean
I don’t think there are people on the boards that bigoted, but I could be proven wrong

anyhow, Moc itself is fine, the head is placed back way too far, and the MOC itself is slightly overly greebled


I think there’s way too much stuff going on at once. I have to squint to make out some parts of the moc.

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I don’t see what her being a lesbian has to do with anything, especially since you didn’t include a backstory, but cool moc I guess.


You’re basically saying no criticism then?


no im not saying that before i put that little tag line people put hate and harsh comment, if i didnt want criticism i would have put no criticism, do read carefully next time

[quote=“TheLeg0Br0ny, post:1, topic:23720, full:true”]
the gold on Hivea is her Armour while the rest is her normal Bee self[/quote]

A few stud-sized pieces and a couple chains are her armor?

You’re probably better off deeming them royal garb or colorations or something

'cuz that…doesn’t really pass as armor.

I’ll just ignore the fact that this would doom a hive to extinction and discard it as the pointless trivia that it is.

As for the MOC itself, well…it’s a bit of a mess, honestly.

I like detail and greeble as much as the next MOCist, but this seems like overkill.

There doesn’t seem to be any unified style or even that distinct of a shape.

It all just feels kinda…random, between the flat surfaces, textured technic, and open studs.

Even insects have something of a solid exoskeleton.

Points for trying though. Though the final product feels lacking, there’s definite effort behind it.


But who are you to decide when a criticism is hate-filled or too harsh?

Even harsh criticisms are capable of being constructive, even if they go to extreme measures to get their points across.


the last time i got really bad criticism i had to flag an entire post i made cause of how i created my GF selfmoc and i dont want the same thing to happen now, now if you dont mind please change your reply

What’s wrong with my reply?

That’s a valid question to bring up.


you know what why do i bother making mocs when people are just going to give me this crap

that is pretty different
since most Moccists on here mainly just do small Lore
but I feel okay with that
but It makes her more of a rebellious queen since normally are the Mother
but they do also reproduce other Queens