Hivea Queen of the hive Version 2

took a week to do the torso but I’m happy with her, I finally got the gold as the armour.

the brown is there to act as straps. feet and head both belong to Shadowgear and Alieraah.
but they are modified from the original to suit Hivea’s new Queen Bee look.

personality is still the same


It’s pretty neat. The keet-orange is kind of odd thou.

most queen bees have two types of yellow on them

It’s kind of odd given that it’s just on the legs.

its on the feet and hidden in the neck

I really like this moc its pretty cool. But do the eyes glow in the dark?

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no its the sandgreen hands from ninjago

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I like the upgrades. It could use a better spread of keetorange though.

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As others have said a greater keetorange spread would help, I also think the MOC looks a little too cluttered in areas like the lower torso, but that may just be the photography.

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Feels way too greebly, and kinda messy.

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but then it would look bland, a blank canvas on a easle wouldn’t it

No, it would look clean instead of cluttered.
Just because it has a ton of detail, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.


so you want to see a Hivea with no grebles or detail, then why not build your own

Well, people are just giving their opinions. I personally do not like the heavy greebles and detailing, but if the greebling is what you like, then it’s prefectly fine!

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but Hivea isnt heavly greebled she may look like it due to her small body build and with her new design i dont want to cheat and use cloth for clothing

First off, using cloth isn’t cheating.
Second, this is one of, if not the, most greebled mocs I have ever seen.

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I agree. Cloth would be interesting to see on Hivea, honestly.


then look at the king of greebles MOCs Fenrek

plus with Hivea i have to think about the small hairs that bees have and get what her organic self looks like into plastic form

besides with out them you’ll just think oh a humanoid with wings not intresting, you may hate greebles, but greebles make the MOC intresting, the reason your saying its too greebly is because you dont push yourself to make a MOC as intresting as Hivea

its like saying a MOC that has system is a system moc,

you’ll be surprised to howmany peeps will see your MOCs if you push yourself with more greebles

@Brunamal i tend to use cloth only for MOCs that need it if i cant make it out of system

I never said I hate greebles, I just think you have far too many.
I’m just not a huge fan.

then why do you always have a go at the greebles on my MOCs I don’t take kindly to people who want me to tone down the Greebles want me to tone them down then dont put the word greebles, an artist never uses the word greebles, they use the word DETAIL