Hiya everyone, quick question: if love was canon in bionicle, do you think hahli and matoro would make a good couple?

what is your favourite bionicle couple?

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vezon and fenrakk


Good Guy and Hoseryx


Lariska and Nidhiki, and you can’t change my mind that it’s cannon.


I think I may have lived too long.


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Inb4 this topic gets closed: the best bionicle couple is Sidorak and Keetongu.


But that would make Matoro’s sacrifice even more sad :cry:

Nidhiki has lost the right to call Lhikan Brother, but he has gained the right to call him babe sorry not sorry

Huki and Maku. El classico


My favorite BIONICLE couple is Lesoviik and Depression


I ship the entire Toa Nuva as a polycule. Takua, Jaller, and Hahli are a throuple. Of course, Nidhiki and Lariska are in love, but Nidhiki and Krekka are gay lovers. Also we’ve got Matau and Nokama.

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Axonn and Brutaka, easy.

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Berix and that weird shield blade thing he found that one time

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My headcanon is that The Shadowed One caught Lariska and Nidhiki forming some sort of unnatural bond within quarters, which got her to be punished with the loss of an arm. After that incident both planned on escaping at night, only to catch Nidhiki flirting with an uninterested Roodaka. She became very angry after what she heard, never ever able to forgive herself she swore never to fall so low for something as pathetic as Unity (the sort of Love of the GSR inhabitants). Roodaka then told the leader of the Organization the plan of Nidhiki (both escaping while he gave her special Dark Hunter training), leading to his horrendous mutation of a 4 legged monster with pincers.

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yep i think lariska and nidhiki is a good one

BRUH.Thats not a couple.Its funny tho. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Actually, Nidhiki was already planning to leave the Dark Hunters and maybe become a hero once again in a new island, starting over, like Lesovik. In my headcanon, he told Lariska this, and though she discouraged him, she never informed the Shadowed One about it because she loved him. When Roodaka came looking for training that TSO didn’t want to offer unless she became a Dark Hunter, Nidhiki offered her training in exchange for a way to escape Odina. Roodaka informed TSO about it and made a better deal, she recieved trainging in exchange for mutating Nidhiki and other problematic Dark Hunters so no one could ever start over away from Odina. The punishment Lariska received for not telling TSO about Nidhiki’s dreams of escaping was to make her watch with eyes wide open how her lover painfully turned into an insectoid monster barely capable of walking.

After that, Lariska joined the Federation of Fear for a chance to get revenge on Roodaka.


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