"Hjonk!!" - Korohk Va Kal, peace was never an option

No one expected the Korohk Va Kal. Literally no one, not even Nuparu when he brought the darn thing back to life.

Peace was never an option.

I wanted to build a borohk va that measured up with the rest of my MOCs since I’m doing a massive rolly boi kaita titan, and the game I’m running has re-sparked my love of the whole swarm. So I decided to Echo my friend a bit and made a Bohrok Va Kal that we’ve both lovingly dubbed as “Hjonk”. A Gremlin if ever there was one.

  • The model stands 4 inches tall at full height.
  • He’s purely Constraction.
  • His colorscheme is White, Silver, Black and Ice Blue.

This was incredibly fun to figure out as a build, a poseable little gremlin that still holds true to the original aesthetic of the original Va and it scales nicely next to the Matoran Build, and isn’t too big compared to the Bohrok themselves.

Anyway, that’s all for now, feel free to use the build for your own Va, if you’d like! :smiley:



From that title I was expecting something that more closely resembled the feathered god of mischief known as a goose, so I can only assume that it makes up for that in personality. :stuck_out_tongue: Cool build!

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Given it is a Bohrok Va, it is the closest as anyone shall come to such mischievous beast.

Adelle certainly doesn’t know the difference!


This is a really fun model, I could totally see this as an official model. It calls back to the originals so well, while distinguishing itself with more than a pallet swapcough borok-kal cough cough

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Awh! Thank you! :smiley:
I’m super glad it evokes that kinda feel!

Now to do Turaga, oh boi :sweat_smile:

Nice work! Funnily enough, I actually posted a Tahnok Va-Kal back in January, and our two interpretations of a Borohk Va-Kal couldn’t be much more diferent :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aaaah! that’s crazy! Your moc is pretty cool, too, like a hybrid between the kal and the va :smiley:

This is why I love this community when it comes to MOCs and Art, no matter what, the base idea/concept could be the exact same, but the outcome could vary wildly.

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