For the massive beast plaguing Naho? (is that how its spelt) I am currently watching the latest brainstorm and I have some cool idea

Why not have this?

"As the toa breached the sanctum of the Mask of Control they were emboldened by their duty their unity was unmatched, and they were never so sure of their destiny. However when they reached the inner chamber they saw something horrid What my have been a once innocent creature what they saw was far from innocent. And at once Gali realised why she kept feeling nauseous chills down her spine she saw the creature. It was the beast that had blighted Tren Krom but what she saw was confusing and terrifying Tren Krom was dead a gaping cavity in it’s chest proved this It didn’t take them long to find out what did this. A colossal beast with cruel jagged antlers and repulsive crystal tumours and when it saw them it bellowed and yet for some reason the sound of pained whispers and screams repeating just one phrase

You have disturbed the hunter you have angered the destroyer and know you will be slain by UMARAK."



I like it

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umarak was possibly my favourite thing from G2 and he was what reignited the dwindling flame that was my love for bionicle

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Uuuuh, Umarak is already in g3, he is the head of the dark hunters.


I may have missed many episodes
which one is this

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episode 255

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