Honetia, The Burning Brawler

Pohatu revamp gone wrong

As already mentioned, this was supposed to be a Pohatu revamp. But Inika torsos don't exist in brown, I believe.
So this happened.
After I finished the main build, I realized that he looks like a Bionicle version of a certain human character I made up for a story I'm writing, which explains his name. I changed the gender though.

The gear function works, and it ruins posing.

Size comparison with an average Toa (Lenuki now has some jewelry) and an average Matoran:

Blue pins :angry:



Emo pohatu nice..
I rather enjoy the color scheme but there are ignika torsos in brown pretty sure

Pretty sure Hewkii Inika had one, if not you can just paint one.

The MOc is really cool, especially for a modified Inika build.

It pulls off the inika build all right and the use of the metru torso for the gear function is amazingly creative. :slight_smile:

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Using a Metru Torso for a hip joint is certainly an interesting and bold move. Is there any way you can keep the gears from turning while still keeping it as part of the MOC?

@BBricks His was keetorange, unfortunately.

@Charassy Awesome design! I love how the claw and bohrok eye parts wrap around the shoulders. The inverted metru torso is pretty cool. Looks more bestial than anything else with the long claws and wide yet lanky proportions, but works really well.


Thanks for the comments so far.

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Love all the neon-orange pieces, they fit very well, especially with the large amount of them. Only problems I have are (as you said) blue pins and the grey pieces between the legs and the feet. I don't know what Honetia would look like a little shorter so I may be wrong on this assumption but I (personally) think Honetia would look better without them.

I don't know. Overall great moc. Good job.

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A pretty creative usage of the Metru torso. The Kalmah armor pieces on his thighs kinda throw off the consistency of the texturing, but this is solid otherwise.

Nice MOC. I think the colors are distributed very well. Gear functions is a plus too.

Ho boi.

This MOC is pretty neat and creative, and I love the function.

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I was going to test this out yesterday to see if would work, but I forgot to do so :frowning:. But I don't need to now thank you.

Good stuff. The darker red goes great with the trans orange. That is definitely not always the case. But you made it work. Well done.

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I thought about using Metru torsos for hips on some of my own MoCs in the past, but never ended up doing so, mostly because I always assumed that they'd all come out looking absolutely ridiculous and goofy.
This, however, is not only freaking awesome, but has also caused me to seriously reconsider the idea in its entirety. Keep up the good work!

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