Honor Guard: Entry List

Here are mine :smiley:

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Here’s my entries! I look forward to the voting process, best of luck to everyone involved.

Took me a bit to enter because I forgot one of the pics and was too lazy to take it until now.


Here’s my entry for the contest. I don’t think any of the MOCs violate the rules but if they do I’ll get that fixed. The images not in drop down tabs are my entry images.

Here’s my entry! Best of luck for everybody!

Hey guys! So excited to partake in another Canon Contest!! Here’s the link to my Toa Hagah Canon Contest submissions:

I know the rules allow this, but I was disappointed to only find 1 duplicate of each of the 2 Hagah shields in my collection. If I had more, I totally would’ve given them to Bomonga and Gaaki, but I had to settle for custom shields for each of them.

In the interest of allowing the artists full range of creativity, I give my expressed consent for all of the following:

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)

Erm… just to be 100% sure: You make a topic with your entry, you post a link to it here, and then you’re in, right? Or did I miss a step :sweat_smile:


Yup correct


@Senit alright cool, thanks - just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

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For you


Here are my entries for the second-in-command and first of my BRONZE :0 Toa Hagah, Toa Bomonga!

Next, swift and noble Toa Gaaki, Toa Hagah of Water and second golden Hagah after Iruini.

My first Toa Hagah MOC, dating back to April 2020 when I began this project, Toa Pouks!

Finally, the sleek Toa of Ice, Kualus, ‘Master of Rahi’! He is the second of my bronze Toa Hagah.

For all my Toa Hagah, I permit the admins of this contest to alter certain parts (but NOT colors) to fit the rules and specifications of the contest. For example, Pouks’ spear tip has multiple parts but it is intended to be a single piece I would otherwise have 3D-printed if I could, so in the final design it could be changed to a single part (this would actually be helpful). If he’s disqualified regardless, I will certainly enter him again with a rule-compliant part.

Also, Bomonga and Gaaki use G2 masks and different head pieces as a result; the intent would be for these masks to be transformed into G1 masks on Toa Metru heads with red-orange eyes. If spear tips are too long or otherwise unfit, I’d give permission for them to be interpreted as smaller versions of themselves.

Whatever needs to be done to my Toa Hagah so they fit the standard, that’s what I sign over permission to be done. I do intend for Bomonga and Kualus to remain bronze, however, in the interest of uniqueness; just because Norik and Iruini are silver and gold, respectively, doesn’t mean the team has to be divided 3-3 silver-gold, but very well could be 2-2-2 silver-gold-bronze, which frankly is much cooler in my opinion!

Finally, here’s all 6 together! I’m very proud of this project and I hope the community likes them! April-September 2020 and probably $500 later, the most elite Toa we’ve met in the Matoran Universe are assembled!


You need to create a separate topic for these, and then simply put a link to that topic in this one. Otherwise, these look pretty neat.

Did you get scammed or … ?

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$500 because of Bricklink lol. I didn’t just buy for the Toa Hagah, it was for MOC parts in general… it took so long because obviously not all sellers on Bricklink have ALL the parts you need in a single order.

I don’t see any blue button on the lower right part of the screen, does this mean I’m not able to make a topic yet? I’m a ‘Villager,’ not ‘Protector’ yet, so do I need to become this?

There should be a blue circle thingy on the lower right part of the main screen, if you hover over it it will say “+ New Topic”.
Edit: should look like this:
Screenshot 2021-06-06 3.47.00 PM


You already are.

are you on mobile?


No, I’m on my laptop. I’m reading the tier list for levels and it says protectors have to visit for 20 days? In that case, I don’t think I’d even be able to enter the contest… not sure if someone could enter my photos on my behalf for when I ultimately do become one (15 days after the contest ends).


Oh, uh, I’m an idiot. You need to be a Villager, not a Protector. I’m not sure what’s up with the upload, in that case. Have you scrolled your mouse over that area? Sometimes it blends in with the background, since there’s no graphic on it.

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Yeah I don’t have that. If I’m allegedly a Protector as Winger said, is there something I have to do to activate this tool? According to the rules, I don’t think it’s even possible I could be a Protector. If I’m not, I’d love it if maybe the tier levels could be overridden to turn me into one, since I can promise you that I will be one very soon (19 days from now, as long as it takes) and beyond; I intend to be very active on here!

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You could press C that should make you able to create a new topic


You’re a lifesaver, THAT actually worked! I’ll try this again now or later, as for connecting links and all that. May take a few attempts, this website’s a little techy-er than I’m used to.