Hordika Matau Revamp

I loved the the Toa Hordika sets but my favourite was Hordika Matau so in honour of that set i decided to make a revamp of it with the limited parts i have and if this gets 50 likes i will make a video of it on my channel TheGeekWithASword on youtube and will also show how to torso is made


More pictures would be nice.

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Category Changed to Lego Creations ~ Who even does this anymore

is this good for more pics

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That’s good, thanks.

I like some of the design choices, but the torso feels really blocky imo.


true that

Yeah, it sort of feels chunky in a way that contradicts the bony and skeletal look of the Hordika.

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Some flaws but I like it. A bit too bulky but it’s good.

On an unrelated note; “if this gets 50 likes I’ll post a video.” Why? I’ll keep my thoughts on that entire idea to myself but shouldn’t that be a little bit more reasonable? I don’t even think I’ve ever gotten 50 likes on 1 creation or post.


I’ve gotten 50 likes on a few of my topics, but it was when the boards were more active and they were usually a popular subject, like transformers or bionicle

That’s. Pretty good.
This MOC is great, but the torso is a bit too blocky for me.

It reminds me of the movie version. I am guessing it is suppose to be a more movie accurate revamp, with the hunchback and the right hand is his sword. Really awesome revamp in my opinion.

Just finished it for good made a couple of changes

The midsection sorta just looks messy, as if the waist is filled with random pieces.

Why does he have thruster things on his waist? Maybe remove those and the bulk issue is nearly fixed.

I feel that this upgrade is a few steps back from the original version of the MOC.

As far as I can tell, the only things that were changed/added to make it much more messy and ruins the smoothness that it used to have, especially with the torso.

The addition of digitigrade legs is a nice idea, but otherwise I would honestly say that this most recent version is more of a downgrade than anything.

Overall it’s not a bad MOC, however I do much prefer it in its previous form (but perhaps keep the current right arm without the flex tube).

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