Hordika Tytan (alt universe)

In an alternate universe, the great hero Titan in order to save everyone had to give himself over the visor ark overlord and was fully-morphed into a true hordika, unlike the toa metru who became partially hordika.

The only reason he doesn’t seem like a fully morphed rahi is his right arm, the golden glove on his arm contains the exact same medicine that keetongu made to heal the toa metru,this stops him from evolving fully into a monster.

And for all of you dc fans, yes I’m going down a crisis on infinite earth kind of storyline, oh no infinite universes colliding in to one and messing everything up.

Hope you liked it and (kill me please) see ya later.


Hey look FNAF and Magna in the background.


May I ask if the previous form was this colorful?
The moc has some Hordika vibe going, the shoulder are rather wide and im not sure that feet are suppose to represent-

Well first off, it’s spelt manga not magna (you sick plebian(I sincerely apologise don’t hurt me)) and I had no idea what I was on when I made the feet, too much Dr Pepper maybe.

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I don’t remember Titan having any trans so this form having 2 colors of trans makes it seem very cluttered. Looks fine on its own but as a hordika version maybe work on the color scheme and try to make it look more like the original.

I think you mean mango, like the fruit.

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Yeah. He has One Piece of mango.


So, your Titan, if I remember well, was gold with red. Why is this gold and green and blue? This is the first thing to puzzle me. The second is the way you made the legs. You would always use the Hordika feet or a custom build.

It’s pronounced, mahogany.


Well he is actually based off the 2015 version of Titan who was gold, blue and green

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