Horibad MOC Contest Entry Bloodedge Edition

I spent hours designing these epic toa


These toa are pure perfection.:poop:

they are the strongest and most evil toa team ever

Magnificent posing skills

My posing skills are the best

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Fixed title -Not_legomaster

More pics would be great to explore their edginess more. :3

These are worse than horibad, these are horiawful!

no horibadifyng and 10000% more failure

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Magnificent use of the Av-Matoran limbs. The one on the far left is my favourite.

he has 2 paraka eyes on a stick
definitely my best weapon ever /s

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But they are attached in a way that doesn’t enable you to press the buttons to make them glow.

+10 Edgy factor

actually when you press the buttons they fall off


Sorry, the pic is quite blurry, hard to tell how they are connected. :smile:

6 stud axel btw when I get the time to I will have more pics personally I think the blury gives it more edgyness

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