Horse MOC

Aight, so I took apart my Mach Spider Walker MOC found here.

And I used its parts to make a horse.

Will update with more pics later


Judging by the "feet", it doesn't look very sturdy.

Ok moc. Could've done better but it's still decently fine...

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It can actually support its own weight and the weight of a passenger just fine.

I just tried to get it into a "walking" pose while it was 7 AM and I was tired.


The head was nicely done.


Um...okay. And the point is?

Nice concept, it's quite messy though when it comes to armor placement. It's well covered, but it kinda seems all over the place.

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Seems very... Bug like ,like a certain villain in MLP that was voiced by Roodaka's voice actor.(forgot her name.) Whats interesting is that the character is the queen of bug-horses.(kinda like Visorak)



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It seems a bit spindly, esp for the back legs which are supposed to be uber muscular and powerful. But otherwise I think it looks fine. I might try to find a way to put more armor on the back half.

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Gunmetal HF armor works surprisingly well for this. I agree with the others though, the legs are spindly and the some of the armor doesn't blend together very well.

Yeah, I totally agree with all you guys.

This was more of a test than anything, and I appreciate the feedback


That would be chrysylys? Sorry 2ohclock

I like it. Mane and tail needs a little work, but it looks nice.