Horse the MOC 2.0

Now with so many updates that I think it merits its own topic.

Here we go.

Not quite my best work, again, but I think it's better than the last version. Although, due to a part shortage, I have some trans orange-red in there temporarily.

Also, the neck looks super weird from the side. Not sure how to fix that and maintain the articulation with the parts I have available.

From the top-kinda, you can see that the armor is far cleaner, in terms of placement.

From the back.

One must wonder. Politician, Forum Goer, all around Great Guy, @Political_Slime is all these things. However, we must ask ourselves. Is he a good rider, too?

Well kinda. His legs don't go very far down.

From this angle, though, if you imagine his Slime City Staff as his Lance, and his Matatu pulled over his face as a helm, he's pretty knightly.

Hmm, Slime was too short, but how about that MOC I'm too proud of? How does Arikas fare on the horse?

Kinda works here.

Hmm, dunno, something about how low the legs are...seems off.

Meet the Golden Knightmech, formerly the Golden Ninjamech. Equipped with Lance and Shield, this guy's pretty good to go.

I think that works better, yeah.

So yeah, leave critique, all that jazz.


The back legs are definitely better than the original.

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I think I bulked them out enough, TBH.

I mean, have you ever seen a horse? Their legs are surprisingly thin at some points.

Yeah that was me being derpy. It looks a lot better than the original.

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i want my polybag named this

But seriously, this is a pretty swish MOC. My only complaint is the top of the back legs. Horses' haunches don't stick out that much... XD


this is gr8

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I approve of the armor placement.

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Very gouda. I like the head.

I like the use of gears as teeth-like things. Reminds me of the Manas.


So much better than the original. Actually looks like a horse.


Great improvement! The neck is still a bit gappy though.

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Pretty sick! I love how it's so armored with no visible gaps from these images. Love how you keep some of the trans neon in the colour scheme and not just for the eyes. Overall great moc. (Sorry I havn't seen 1.0 so I can't compare) Keep on mocing!