Hosam, My Self MOC


Why the one part of the moc per photo style? Why not fit the whole moc into one photo? It just seems odd to me.


Ok… So from what I can understand from this photos, it is a veeery simple moc. I would took those knifes and I would put some more dark green. And also, a weapon. 5/10

The moc is very simple. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but because of this it’s also very gappy.

Things to add/remove:
Add more dark green to balance out the colour scheme.
Shorten the legs and arms, he is way too lanky
Remove those knives in his feet, they just look strange
Change the feet completely, give him mata or metru feet
Give him a weapon, every good toa needs a weapon.

The whole moc in one picture would be nice, please

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It’s super basic and looks gappy since spaces aren’t filled in

Sorry to say but you can’t make a moc with one set.

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Not having pieces is an unexceptable excuse for me. If you cared about your self moc you would buy more pieces. Your lack of care for this moc is further emphasised by the fact you clearly didn’t put much time or effort into taking pictures nor did you come up with any backstory. Sorry for the criticism but as someone who puts time and effort into a moc, I can’t help but feel insulted and I’m sure a lot of Mocers would agree. I would suggest buying a couple small bundles of bionicle parts on eBay.

EDIT: after looking through other mocs of yours I really really really recommend buying a couple bundles of parts (it would really help!!!)


Even I am inclined to agree.

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I also used pieces from a Star Wars death trooper figure set

Yeah! It took me two whole hours to make my biggest MOC!

PS: I’ll probably upload him

OK, two sets. Still not enough.

My Backstory for this moc is on Amino, the Bionicle Amino, my username is Hosam “Toa” Of Shadows.

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These photos are so close up it looks like a fake smash leak.