Hoseryx, the Disturbingly Cool

Leader of the Order of Mata Noodle, it’s Hoseryx!

I was disappointed by the original’s lack of articulation/system, so I updated the design to something more sleek and poseable.

And that’s not all! She even has compatibility with the best set ever made! Just flip this up and add a blue pin…

Please do not cancel me for having an unironic appreciation of the Solek set! If you are a Solekian stay away from dark alleys!

♩ Does anyone love me
Or do they despise me
Martyred for the voters
And the outrage begun ♫

♪ When GregF disowns me
Please never forget me
You’ve brought joy to this sorrowful heart
And though I may depart
It’s been fun ♬

C&C Appreciated.
Thank you for taking part in the first Canon Contest.


God I can’t stand him anymore. He is everywhere haha :rofl:

This is a really cute moc haha

The solek picture is funny

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cause people either think it’s funny or find it inspirational.


I was joking, that’s why I put the laughing emoji. Didn’t mean to be rude in anyway.

I don’t like his design. he looks so frail.

This is actually amazing. Excellent job!

sniff this is beautiful. This is art.

Good update on the design, I was thinking about creating something similar but was stumped on how to keep the design poseable while not altering the aesthetic.

Hoseryx has been the best thing to happen to the boards in a long time.


Hoseryx looks ready to drop into the Torture Dance in that first image.


Two TTV memes I see! I really like this build.

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Maybe I should actually respond to some of the comments

Too bad :gregf:


She’s mine and you can’t have her

Eljay did you really invent the Solek meme
Thanks my man I appreciate it

Thanks everyone and sorry I took so long to reply


yes :smiling_imp:


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Already has



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Deal with it