House of Wolves (Self-Moc Team) (not actually wolves) (Update 6/11)

Hey O, I’m back! So I created my self moc’s team a couple of years ago but I’ve been too lazy to actually take pictures of them and post them. Well I finally spent an entire day doing just taking pictures and here it is! They are a team of genetically enhanced human super soldiers that help out with local establishments take bounties throughout the universe. They choose which jobs to take based on a vote between all members and their own morales. They all come from different planets and solar systems but eventually find each other and sort of become an unstoppable team. I will admit that there are more males than females in my team, but i created this team and their history so long ago that I didn’t want to change the composition of the team and their history together. And yes, I know I used the inika build, it’s just easier for me because I’m not that good at creating custom bodies. I’ll probably post more moc teams that I have made over the past year later. I have small descriptions for each team member but if you wanna know more about them, then ask cause I’ve already kind of thought of there whole story and background. If you have any questions or comments please feel comfortable to do so, I always enjoy reading everything.

Update: So I decided to go more in depth about each character and write their origin story (sorry for my writing, it’s weird and cringy and it needs a lot of work). Also I know that the pacing of the origin stories are extremely awkward (you don’t really have to read it). Now some of the stories are a little bit unoriginal and plain, but I think it still adds a lot of character to each of the mocs (yes, some of the stories are really bad, lol). I took more pictures showing what equipment each character has and took pictures of what they look like without their equipment on. The transparent pieces on some of their forearms are supposed to be data pads or like omni tools from Mass Effect. Also I don’t know if I’m even allowed to have this much text in a lego creations topic. The Character’s in these photos are what they look like in the present, 6 years after the formation of the “House of Wolves”. I hope you enjoy!

So here’s a little backstory of my universe. All my characters take place in the same galaxy in the far future where many intergalactic wars always take place. Life in these planets are varied like the planets and space stations from the Mass Effect series. There are some moons that are inhabited by mysterious and powerful beings known as Titans. They are feared by many planets and they usually accept any request made by a Titan. Every 10 years all the Titans within the war system get together in a 2 month long banquet where they discuss their own endeavors, the economy, politics, and future projects. The House of Wolves has existed for at least 6 years, and these little bios are just their origin stories. Also I’m sure there are many plot holes in my origin stories and that many of them may not even seem original lol. (The names of the planets are just placeholders for now).

The House of Wolves

The Charismatic Leader (My self moc, I have a cape now)

Born on the war planet Ares, He was raised in a authoritative family with a military history. His father and grandfathers served in the military for around 20 years each, while his mother was an engineer who worked on many iconic Ares weaponry and technology. She would have joined the military too, but the Government of Ares had laws preventing women from serving in the military. His older brothers were almost a decade older than and already recognized veterans teaching at the local Military Science academies. Cayde was always an intelligent, energetic, and empathetic child, and growing up in a loving family only reinforced these attributes. Expecting Cayde to have an excellent military career, his father often taught Cayde (from the age of 8) how to properly handle weapons and strategic military tactics, while his mother taught him engineering. After turning 16, Cayde was required to serve his 4 year mandatory military service. The Government of Ares had just declared war on the totalitarian-like planet Apophis as Cayde completed basic training. During the first 2 years of the war, Cayde quickly proved himself to be an excellent fighter and inspirational leader. Cayde and around 5,000 elite soldiers were recruited into the Ares Super Soldier overseen by his mother. 1 year after Cayde and the 5,000 other elite soldiers completed the program they became know as Crimson Commandos, as they carried out hundreds of successful high-risk missions with little casualties. Soon the remaining Crimson Commandos were sent to Apophis to take out the Dictator Thanatos, force the remaining government officials to surrender, and occupy the planet until reinforcements could arrive in 3 months. The Crimson commandos completed their mission in the first month and ended the war with casualties around 3,000, however all Apophis government officials died in the process. it would take 2 months for the next Ares spaceships to retrieve them. During the following weeks many of the Crimson commandos still resentful, started raiding nearby cities, mass killing Apophis civilians and began calling themselves The Children of Ares. Cayde, disgusted gathered some of more empathetic commandos and began protecting these cities from The Children of Ares, killing the Crazed Commandos if it came to it. As the Ares spaceships arrived they learned of Cayde’s actions and The Children of Ares, many of Ares government officials, citizens, and fellow soldiers were angered that Cayde’s Crimson Commandos would protect the “enemy” and kill his fellow soldiers. Cayde’s “rebels” were all executed, his family also angered and distraught disowned him, and he would soon be court-martialed and then executed. However Valkyrie (a titan) requested that she take custody of Cayde in exchange for large sums of money. The Ares government agreed and once Cayde arrived in her custody, she studied the genetic modifications that he went through and informed him of her lack of political power, her broken “house”, her quest to rebuild it. Cayde, grateful agreed to help her recreate her “House”. By this time, Cayde is 20 years old.

Loadout: 15 Handgun magazines, 1 combat knife, 6 Handguns, 3 Frag Grenades, 3 Large Magazines.

The Silent Assassin

Sorry for the weird blank gaps!

Alice was also born on the war planet Ares. Her father James was a famous war hero who was pivotal in ending the last war. James is a military fanatic and always wanted to have a son who would keep his legacy living by becoming the ultimate soldier and commanding all of Ares’ military forces. However when James learned that his wife was having a girl (Alice) instead of a boy, he was disappointed and furious. His parents insisted that he abort the baby, but he refused as it was against his principles. By this time James become a politician, and fought vigorously to allow women to also serve in the military so that Alice could someday serve in the military. When Alice was born, her mother died giving birth to her, and her father was rarely around. Alice spent most of her life isolated from the world, as James had destroyed all records of her birth to try and keep her a secret. James had many of his military friends and renowned professors train her in the art of war and combat and gave her the best education. Alice always seeking her father’s approval worked hard to excel in all these areas. Isolated most of her life, she grew up a quiet child who was a master of her emotions, pain, and combat. When Alice turned 16, James started to send her out solo on his personal missions to assassinate his political enemies and sent her out on classified Ares missions. James had always told Ares officials that this “soldier” was a mercenary named Alistair and that “he” could be trusted with these classified missions. Years later when James heard of Cayde’s mother heading a Super Soldier Program, he found the procedures for the operation and added some illegal augmentations that he prepared for Alice. A few days later, Alice went through the operation and survived. She was in immense pain and was unable to move for the next few days. James thought it was hopeless, until Alice learned how to move again and was even stronger, faster, and smarter than he could have hoped for. 1 month before Alice’s 19th birthday, Ares Officials learned of “Alistair’s” true identity and that James had broken many laws creating this “ultimate soldier”. The government tried to apprehend James at his estate but he had Alice protect him as he escaped to his spaceship and left the planet. Alice was left on the estate fighting off dozens of swat teams, until she learned that there was a nuke beneath the estate ready to explode in about an hour. She quickly escaped into one of the swat cars eventually making it to a transport ship barely escaping the explosive power of the nuke. She learned that her father had intended that her and the swat teams to perish in the explosion, devastated and furious she wandered around the war system taking bounties and trying to find her father. She encounters Cayde on one of her bounties and tries to kill him as he in the intended target. Cayde barely escapes with his life, and brings news of another super soldier to Valkyrie. Valkyrie, realizing that this super soldier is Jame’s daughter Alice demands that he convince her to join the House of Wolves. By this time Alice is 20 years old.

Loadout: 1 Assault rifle, 1 tactical head gear, 1 combat knife, 2 handgun, 1 heavy handgun, 6 large magazines, 12 grenades, 3 explosive charges, 3 handgun magazines.

The Sharpshooter

Catherine was born on the farming planet Venus (not our Venus), she grew up in a loving family of farmers with two younger siblings. Her mother is the only person in her family with a military past and achieved the rank of Paladin, one of the highest ranks in the Athena military. Growing up her father and her younger siblings worked on their family farms (large farms that were mainly operated by AIs, robots, and were overseen by her father). Catherine always loved to hear her mother’s military stories and wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Catherine was her mother’s favorite as she was the family’s only daughter; her mother often took her out hunting and even taught her to fire a rifle at the age of 6. Her mother wanted to make sure that she could handle herself and hoped that she would someday be a royal guard at Athena, a beautiful neighboring planet. At the age of 14, Catherine gets accepted into the Royal Academy of military science on the planet Athena. Catherine was a funny, cheerful, hot-tempered, and fun person to hang around with and always became friends with everyone very quickly. 4 months before Catherine’s 18th birthday and 1 week before her graduation at the Royal Academy, Venus is invaded by slaving fleet called “The Fallen”. Many of Venus’ citizens are killed or abducted in the first 3 weeks of the invasion, and by the time Athena Military Forces get there the invasion had already ended. Catherine learns that her mother was killed trying to protect her father and brothers and that the fallen ship carrying her brothers and father was destroyed by Venus militia. Catherine, enraged, devastated, and determined spent the next year on her own traveling the galaxy trying to find The Fallen to enact her revenge. Coincidentally, Cayde and Alice are also investigating The Fallen and plan to destroy the chain of command. Catherine encounters Cayde and Alice on a Fallen spaceship and attacks them, believing that they are Fallen as well. During the fighting Cayde explains (against Alice’s wishes) that they too are trying to destroy the fallen slavers and both sides agree to a temporary alliance. Days later, Catherine, Cayde, and Alice find The Fallen’s leader One eye’d Jane and destroy her entire fleet with the help of a nearby Athena Space Fleet. Cayde remarks and compliments Catherine on her extreme proficiency with her sniper rifle and asks her to join them in their travels. Catherine, now goalless agrees letting them know that she will kill them if they consciously kill a civilian. By this time Catherine is 19 years old.

Loadout: 1 High Powered Sniper Rifle, 1 combat knife, 1 grappling hook, 1 tactical headgear, 3 sniper rifle magazines, 3 explosive charges, 2 handguns, 12 grenades, 3 handgun magazines, 6 large magazines.

Catherine “swimming” underwater.

The Brilliant Tactician

Childhood friend of Cayde, William was born on Ares where his father was a brilliant war history professor who was fighting for equal rights. He was always fascinated with ancient and modern wars, learning about every war and military tactic available to him. He was a care-free, awkward, and extremely intelligent young boy who got along very well with professors. William and Cayde often hung out together as both their mother’s were close friends. When William was 10 years old his father was killed in front of him by an unknown assassin, many speculate that the cause for the murder was because of his many controversial stances on equal rights which many Ares officials heavily disagreed with. William’s mother fearing for the safety of her son secretly moved to the planet Athena. There William’s mother was able to assure their safety since the Athena Government offered safe haven to any immigrant fleeing Ares. Cayde and William were not able to communicate with each other anymore as the Ares disables all communications coming from that planet. William now filled with regret, pledged to himself that he would not be so weak in case anything ever were to happen to his mother. Traditionally, combat and war were a woman’s job on Athena and when William applied to Athena’s Royal Academy of Military Science, he was barely accepted because of his young age, nationality, and gender. Impressing his peers and teachers he always had top marks on all his tests. He often got into arguments with one of his lower classmates, Catherine. His closest friend at the Academy was an upper classmate named Ryan who was an excellent fighter and botanist, however once Ryan graduated he moved to Dionysus to help do some charity work. After Ryan left, William never seemed to get along with any of his classmates and usually hung out by himself in the study hall. When he graduated at the age 18, he immediately joined the Athena Armed Forces. For the next 3 years, he would rise up through the ranks and eventually become one of Athena’s most brilliant tactician. However, when his mother fell extremely ill, he left the armed forces and went back to his mother’s to take care of her. She died a year later, and William left Athena in search of other work to keep his mind from thinking about his dead parents. He soon received a message from Cayde asking him for help and if he would join him and his friends. William immediately replied yes, he needed someone to talk to and to keep himself distracted. By this time William is 22.

Loadout: 1 Tactical headgear, assault rifle, 2 combat knives, 1 hook blade, 1 handgun, 8 large magazines, 9 grenades, 3 explosive charges.

The Invisible Wraith

Fred and Jay are Identical twins born on the Jungle Planet Hestia. Hestia had been in a civil war for the past 26 years, however there has been an armistice for the last 18 years. Hestia is now two nations; The Federal Government of Hestia (FGH) and The People of Hestia (POH) and as time pass each side continues to tease the other side into fighting first causing tensions to reach an all time high. Fred and Jay were born in the People of Hestia which is led by their grandmother. Their father is the Mayor of their city and has been steadily training Fred and Jay since they were kids to take back Hestia from the FGH. Even though they take their father’s training seriously, they have mixed feelings about the civil war. Fred and Jay were never close to their parents or grandparents. They never met their grandparents since they’re always busy ruling the nation, their mother died from combat, and their father is never there for them. Fred was always a champion of hide and seek, often hiding from city guards and even FGH patrols. He was shy, sometimes goofy, and suffered from mild social anxiety. Jay was always comical, fun, and talkative trying to help his twin feel more at ease. At the age of 16, they both become squad leaders and often led patrols along the city’s borders. Though they did led patrol squads they usually never got along with those under their command as they all hated the FGH and believed that they all deserved to die. 4 years later during one of their patrols they actually encountered an 4 man FGH scouting team unarmed, however the scouting team was unaware of Fred and Jay’s patrol team. They were easily able to surprise and apprehend the FGH team and brought them to their father. Their father had FGH team paraded throughout the city as the POH humiliated them before he ordered them to be executed. As the nooses were tied around the 4 mens neck, Fred and Jay decided to disobey their father and save the men. They ran towards the men with their machetes out ready to cut them free, however the executer had already pulled the lever and the men fell. Next, four loud sniper shots ran past Fred and Jays head and pierced through the 4 men’s rope, setting them free. Cayde, Alice, Catherine, and William jumped from the crowd and quickly ran to the stage to rescue them. As Cayde and his team rescued the men, Fred and Jay followed them asking if they could help. Catherine and Cayde answered yes and they were able to safely bring the men to Cayde’s spaceship hidden in the jungle. William revealed to Fred and Jay that their father had intentionally placed these men along their patrol route to be caught and that they was POH scientists who sympathized with the FGH. Fred and Jay ask if they could join Cayde and his team since they were sure that their father would have them executed to be made an example of. Cayde, Alice, Catherine, and William made an unanimous agreement to allow them to join. Fred and Jay are 20 by this time.

Loadout: tactical headgear, suppressed assault rifle, 2 submachine guns, 8 large magazines, 3 explosive charges, 1 handgun, 9 grenades, arrow/missle launcher, 3 arrows, 5 missiles, 1 machete.

The Laughing Maniac

Loadout: 1 tactical headgear, light machine gun (with a extremely large ammo magazine), 12 grenades, 3 explosive charges, 1 rocket launcher, 2 handguns, 2 handgun magazines, 3 extra large magazines, 3 large magazines, 1 machete.

The Angry Orphan

Warren was born on the Desert Planet Dionysus, home to bandits, , criminals, scavengers, and lastly orphans. Dionysus was always filled with thieves and bandits because of its scare resources and very small trade ports. Warren was abandoned when he was around a year old by his parents and left at a new local orphanage located in the Janus, a mining village. Warren was a sweet, emotional, and caring child The orphanage caretakers Jack and Jasmine are a rather old couple, they inherited millions of credit when Jasmine’s father died. They both decided to open a orphanage and took in around 300 orphans. About 5 years later, tales of the orphanage and its rich caretakers reached the bandit village about 20 miles away, and in the middle of the day they raided orphanage, killed Jack and Jasmine, and took all their money, Warren was 6 at the time. 12 years later, Warren now a soldier for the New Dionysus Army (NDA) , is returning to Janus village as a part of a strike team to reclaim it from the Jackals, a militant bandit group. Warren is now aggressive and slightly anti-social yet kind towards kids. The NDA and Warren were able to reclaim Janus, but it would not be long before the ways of the old returned. 8 years after the reclamation of Janus and other villages, resources started to become very scarce this time again. The NDA in order to keep order and peace within its army started to demand more and more resources from its citizens until soon even the NDA fell apart from internal conflicts and formed many more bandit groups. Many of these NDA bandits asked Warren to join their groups, but he refused and instead worked as a town guard with his team leader Ryan. 2 years later, a NDA bandit group came to the village and started pillaging it. Warren and Ryan fought as hard as they could to protect the village, but Ryan gave up his life to save Warren from an incoming RPG. Warren laid on the ground as he started to bleed out, he started to faint and all he could see were 6 figures. 1 day later, Warren woke up with Cayde, Alice, Catherine, William, Fred, and Jay surrounding him. William was curious and questioned Warren as to why Ryan would give up his life for him. Once Warren realized that Ryan and William were close friends he explained everything about how the NDA formed and how it collapsed. William swore and argued with Cayde about how the mission was a bust since they were one person short, Cayde looked and Warren scoffed and said “No we’re not”. By this time Warren is 28 years old.

Loadout: 9 grenades, 2 shotguns, 1 steel ball attach with a chain, 2 handguns, 1 grenade launcher, 1 combat knife, 6 large magazines, 2 handgun magazines.

The Picky Eater

Max, son of a diplomat and born on the Ice Planet Hermes. Max grew up in a very mannered household, everything needed to be done in a certain way. Max was a rebellious, laid-back, cocky child and he was one of the pickiest eaters in his town. His mother raised him expecting him to become a lawyer or doctor and started enrolling him in advanced classes. She quickly learned that her son was nothing like her or his father, and barely passed any of his classes. He often made fun of their friends and showed little interest in anything other than food and flying. She didn’t understand him, Max would get almost perfect on all his tests yet he refused and didn’t do any of his assignments. His mother having had enough of his rebellious behavior sent him to military school on his 12th birthday. He was happy about this though, he would be away from his controlling parents and all the rich snobs at his old school. He spent the next 4 years advancing in flight school and becoming an expert marksmen. He graduated early at the age of 16 and joined the Hermes Air Force, and was recognized as a daredevil often performing dangerous stunts in order to get the mission done. 2 years later, he grew tired of the weird food and all the fake smiles he received from his parents, their friends, and from the many diplomats he had met, he decided to quit. A couple days later the William arrives at his apartment offering a spot in the “House”. Max asks why would he want to do that, William replies “You get your own room, good pay, …eat what ever you want”. Max immediately joined when he heard the last reason. Max is 18 years old by this time.

Loadout: 1 Designated Marksmen Rifle, 13 large magazines, 1 combat knife, 1 battle axe, 1 handgun, 6 grenades.

Update: The End! P.S. it took me like 14 hours to edit this, I was really tired near the end so please excuse my writing. And I’m sorry if you’re offended by this content, that was not my intention and this is just supposed to be a work of fiction and not my views on political issues.



Really Cool!


interesting strike team

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I really like them they are all special in a big way looking different yet feeling they belong together.

But when i clicked on this i pictured something pretty different


Wow, what a mess, these are some of the most cluttered mocs I’ve seen, I can’t pick anything out, and besides the ridiculously cluttered build the color blocking and texture clashing is also pretty bad.
I think I can pick out some inika builds under all the superfluous junk strapped on to them.

Yeah, not exactly a fan.


But I really like them, especially Max.


Quite the team you’ve assembled there. Unfortunately, the extra gear that you added makes them look way too cluttered.


What is with all the exposed balljoints?

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I like them! When they’re together as a team, they look like a force to be reckoned with, instead of a bunch of clashing mocs. I would reccomend removing some gear, though.


There are some interesting designs here, but it’s all too cluttered.

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These are cool, cluttered, but cool. I like how you used names of mythological wolves or wolf-related people as the codenames

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Quite the full house you got here.

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I was expecting wolves.

I know you said they aren’t actually wolves in the title, but I kept my hopes up.

I wanted to see some wolves…


REALLY cool, but it’s just too cluttered.
i imagine the move around like in gears of war
aah i get it, romulus and remus! niiice

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Seriously? Kind of beating a dead horse here. And I’m quite certain the cluttering was deliberate.

when you’re making a strike team, if it isn’t "cluttered then it isn’t very realistic is it?

No offense.


They’re cluttered, being cluttered is a bad thing, it makes a moc look messy and unrefined.

Deliberate or not, it’s ugly.


A MoC can be bulky without being cluttered. Besides, who said that all strike teams, especially those in a fictional universe, were required to be aesthetically unpleasing?

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They all appear to be the same build, and some of them look really similar. But there not bad.

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They look good. You can tell that there was definitely a lot of effort put in, but I must agree that they do look too busy. For a lot of them, a can hardly tell what is a weapon, a what isn’t. Nice job though!:slight_smile:


I mean they are pretty much inika builds, although the amount of weapons in their arsenals is quite awesome.