Hovus; toa of sonics(self moc)

So in a pm I was inspired to make a self moc toa, after about 3 hours here’s the result. I’m fairly happy with it, though will probably tinker with him in the future, but without further ado…


I like the complexity, but he looks a little too fat…

This is a pretty messy MOC.

Yeah, it is a little messy, looking more like a prototype. However, I see the aesthetics you were going for, and I really like it! I would try to clean it up a little bit, filling some gaps, making it a little smoother, and hiding kr replacing the off coloured pieces.

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I happen to like this big boy’s shaping. His head does seem a bit small though.

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I mean, that was the point

I was going for executioner smough esc proportions, though I could see why that would be an issue with some


cracks knuckles

what you appear to have here is a sumo wrestler, who is wearing the shoes of his enemies.

as others have said, rather messy and partspam-y. I’d suggest you start with a much simpler torso for starters - perhaps one of those XL CCBS torsos - and try to use only pieces that have been used in official sets as armor. The Piraka feet and the CCBS feet don’t look pleasing as armor, and contribute to the torso’s extreme blockiness.

No dislike for the proportions though, it’s a concept not used very often so you could make a standout MOC based on it.

Also, the colors you’re using are pretty boring, and the blue pins and red axles are more noticable since they’re more vibrant. My first suggestion is to axe either the silver or the gunmetal, and find some armor in those shades of red and blue to replace it.

It’s the colors of the element.

Yeah, I guess I can change these

If I find a way to achieve the look I’m going for without I’ll replace them, until then it’s staying

that was the point

Update; Novus version 4;


Sorry, but I can’t really see any major difference.

The skirt is changed, and the thighs are filled in

Most of my complains still remain, tho. I also just now realised how big those shoe tops are. I mean, he can use it as freaking weapons!

That’s the point

Yeah but I think they would have looked better if they were just a bit shorter.

Maybe, but I like them as is

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Then the colors of the element happen to be boring. Throwing in an accent still wouldn’t be a bad idea, it’s definitely been done before in the lore. [quote=“Holi, post:8, topic:49111”]
If I find a way to achieve the look I’m going for without I’ll replace them, until then it’s staying

what look are you going for with them, then? Pecs?

Could you maybe explain the point a bit better for me, then? Because all I see is pieces that were not designed to go where they’re going here.

In a sense

Maybe, I’ll see if I can find something I like

T’was a joke, hence the crossed out text

With feet that can cut rock and a belly to crush them, this is a great design, I like it :laughing:

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I can imagine a booming laugh as he dives into combat, swinging his weight around. His battles a cacophony of metallic crashes, befitting of his element