How BIONICLE Really Came Back- LEGO Short

I made this quick little brickfilm about the return of BIONICLE told through BIONICLE Characters finding out about the return of BIONICLE. Please be aware though: this was written and animated before comic con and things related to post-comic con news had to be ad-libbed during recording of dialouge, and the information is somewhat out of date. But I think the fact that I established it takes place in July kind of helps.

Anyway, I posted this on the "Fan created media" section of BZP but I thought I'd post it here because the creation of this video was heavily inspired by the TTV podcast and their gags, in addition to various other things the BIONICLE community came up with.


I like how it was a mix of serious story and silliness. I do this all the time. And the stop-motion quality was pretty good.
But why didn't Tarduk have any lines? Why was he even there? I'd've just had Dume give him the Hau. That's my only real complaint.

Nice video, JTHStudios Welcome to the boards, I'm Collector. You might know me from Starscream7's films.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

To be honest, I don't know why, I felt like a Matoran should be helping Dume carry his stuff. Despite being a longtime fan, I think Vultraz may actually be my only Matoran set. I have a bunch of the agori, so I made Tarduk a generic Le-Matoran for this. But thinking back it probably would have been a better idea to just keep the characters that had already been introduced.

And it's not the hau, it's the "Mask of Fire" now.

(Or the Omega Mask, as I like to call it just to emphasize his position)

@Collector Hah, it's a small world. Who do you play? (Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm bad with names...)

Dareth and Skales.

Oh cool! Yes, now I remember.

Gonna have to watch this in the morning :3

Awesome, can't wait to hear your thoughts.

I enjoyed it right up until the Hero Factory part. Just sort of killed it :/

So many references! This game me quite the little laugh. Nice work!

LOL! Great job.

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Lol sorry, was it Furno's voice?

Glad you liked it!


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