How can I expand my LEGO Collection?

Im looking to substantially expand my parts collection and I want to fnd out the best way to do that. Should I:
A: buy parts off bricklink
B: Buy stuff off ebay
C: Just buy the current sets ( I dislike this as it costs me a premium up in canada)
D: Try and buy local (hard considering no one seems to sell them in my area)

or Another solution that someone can explain to me.

All comments helping me are appreciated!

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I’d say Bricklink is the way to go, however make sure to buy most if not all of your pieces from one store that is located in your country. otherwise you’ll be paying a pretty penny for shipping. and buy in bulk.

also, I haven’t done this, but maybe looking at garage sales? I think others have been successful with this.

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Nice ill try that out. And Ive tried garage sales in my area to no avail. But i might try in other parts of the city.

Ps how did you get the team kahi thing as you’re title?

A april fool’s Civil War parody.

I have no experience with garage sales, and many probably won’t have legos, so I’d say don’t spend too much energy looking for them. But if you do stumble across one, see what they have.

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Bricklink is honestly the best way. You get the parts you want for cheap and generally quickly.

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If you want specific parts, go for Bricklink. If you don’t care and just want to expand you’re collection for cheap, I recommend scouting Ebay for lots.

Also take advantage of sales and special offers.

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I’d do a mix, get some good priced lots off eBay, check garage sales, Value Village, and of course Bricklink

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Well, things expand under heat, so expose your parts to heat, and you should be fine


I myself have never used Bricklink, though it does seem like a very good option based on what others have said.
I’ve seen EBay have fairly large lots for a reasonable price (imo at least)


I get sets on clearance all the time, keep the parts I need, and sell the rest on BL so it pays for itself and frees up space. That’s what most AFOL moccists do.

If you’re looking for discontinued parts then BL is the only way to go unless you know people with old sets they’re willing to sell.


I’ve been rebuilding a collection since I moved to NZ (had to leave all my old stuff at home) and from my recent experience BrickLink is by far the best option. I’ll just echo what Omega_Tahu said; make sure you order from a store in your own country (or at least relatively nearby) so that you don’t pay an arm and a leg for shipping.


Ebay is useful for getting parts lots, especially if all you want is just parts and don’t care which ones, though those can get pretty expensive. If what you’re looking for is specific parts, then I would suggest turning Bricklink or trying to find sets in stores that go on sale with those parts, if that’s possible.

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i buy job lots of parts every month, usually like 2 - 4 kg and it has been so helpful at expanding what i have, i would not use bricklink unless you need a specific part or have an idea of what kind of stuff you will be needing because ordering from multiple stores can be a pain.

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Money is always good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buy what you’re interested in, honestly.
That’s what I’ve done.

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wait what?

The original title of this topic was “how to I expand my parts?”, and thanks to the people I hang out with, my first thought had to do with parts that weren’t plastic.



Check for local secondhand markets. You would be surprised.