How can we make that Bionicle Trilogy production art book a reality?

I watched the interview with Creative Capers today, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one excited by the concept of an art book that was mentioned toward the end of the video. We’ve seen through glimpses at concept art here and there just how much effort and care went into the designs for the movies, and I’m sure there’s MUCH more we still haven’t seen! So, how many of us here would LOVE that to happen, and realistically, what can we do to help that become a reality? I know the old method of starting a petition rarely ever works, but should we at least try something like that? Surely a book of art that already exists wouldn’t be too far-fetched for Lego to approve, but I’m not a legal expert or anything.


I would also love for it to happen, but unless lego is secretly saving it for a twentieth anniversary thing, I’m not sure how we could get it to happen. A petition may be the best way along with lego ideas frequently getting bionicle ideas into review, the quicker the better, to show that some people would still buy it.

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Working on a petition, cuz I figure it’s worth a try, but isn’t Lego Ideas only for Lego sets? Or is there a merchandise aspect also that I don’t know about?

It is for sets, but continual bionicle sets going to review should make lego realize that we would spend money if they released something.

That’s true, but with this, they wouldn’t need to release anything. All the artwork exists, and there’s no pieces to be made! They can even release it digitally if they don’t want to spend too much on printing.

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I only see that artwork getting if they released a book, or I guess a lego Vip points prize thing

I meant if it was a digital book. That being said, a nice coffee table book like the kind they do for Pixar films would be nice.

Here’s the petition if you’re interested

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