How could Chiara tell Orde was male?

  1. I was re-reading “The Yesterday Quest” when the above question hit me. Gender in the MU doesn’t seem to be tied to physical characteristics, certainly if we go by sets, so how could Chiara tell?

Was it just voice? Or are MU characters’ genders in fact easier to gauge physically, as the movies would indicate (looking at the female/male body types depicted there)?

On the topic of gender, I wondered if the minds of MU characters might be a bit like some AI’s from Halo, where they were usually directly derived from the brain of a person to create a “template” to work from (in our case likely an Agori or Glatorian). The resulting AI’s are distinct, but usually have some similar character traits.

In the case of MU characters, it might help explain the limited personality the Great Beings were already aware of in their nanotech creations, and later the full sentience that Velika “unlocked”. Hence Matoran of the same element tend to have similar personalities because the GB’s purposefully chose similar people to base their minds off of; personalities that seemed suited for the tasks the different Matoran types would specialise in.

It might also help explain why, even subconciously, MU inhabitants felt they were male/female, because their minds were somewhat derived from minds that were in fact male/female. Does something like this seem plausible?


Though not specifically in regards to Orde, Greg has said in the past that MU inhabitants can recognize each other’s gender by their “body language.”

See question 7 of the last post on this page.