How did Makuta Detect Each Other?

As far as I’m aware, no one’s asked this before, but if I missed something, please correct me.
I’ve read that Makuta have the ability to sense when another of their species is near, and Teridax, when in control of the Great Spirit Robot, was able to detect the alternate universe Teridax. Is this caused by the Antidermis that the Makuta were made of, or is it just a “thing” with their species, like the Toa’s sense of duty? And if it’s the former, I’m assuming that would mean the alternate universe Teridax is an Antidermis being, and that a Makuta that was still made of organic material couldn’t be detected?


I think it is just part of their species instead of ability they gained through antidermis or becoming gaseous.

I do not think duty is an instinct toa have. They have been taught since birth what is right and wrong and try to fullfill their duty that way. Nidhiki and tuyet are examples of toa who turned evil.

I believe Makuta teridac located makuta simply by using the systems of great spirit robot. He concetrated on certain inviduals or knew before hand where they would be.

I understood he noticed a temporal sifth when nnew makuta entered using the robots instruments

Edit: I was wrong. I re read the chapter amd it seems indeed Makuta sensed the alternative universe teridax on his own.

He mentioned how keeping miserix in a illusion was easy due to GSR amplifying his powers. It seems his ability to sense makuta are also amplified and maybe he indeed used this power to locate his old allies.


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