How Did the Makuta Control Which Kind of Kraata They Made?

For example, in the Mask of Light, Teridax made Kraata only for the six types of Rahkshi he had in storage already, how did he decide which powers the Kraata would have? How did they make their antidermis solid again for their Kraata? Is it possible for a Kraata to start existence at a stage higher than Stage 1? I know it was a lot easier for the Makuta to create Rahkshi after they evolved into energy, but how much did it take out of them to create a Kraata after that?

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Good question. I presume it was a conscious choice, but Iā€™m not sure how they would choose.

I would assume the same way one chooses to do anything.

Could they choose which of the stages the Kraata came out as? How difficult is it?