How did the Makuta masks help before?

When the Makuta were the species that were supposed to enforce peace and stability in the matoran universe, why did they have those evilish masks? Like, how would Vamprah’s Avsa help draining light from people? Why would Teridax have the Mask of Shadows? I find it weird, and I’d like to know more. Thank you.


I think you ask a good question, and it is one that has come up before. The way I see it, most powers are not in an of themselves evil – it’s how they are used that makes them evil. So the first thing I think of is, how would these masks worked if you used them against a villain? (And yes, I know there are places where this approach does not work easily, if at all … but I think of characters like Cloak or the Shroud who are using darkness powers for good, etc.


It’s kinda funny to imagine though
But then things like that happened in the real bible
But I don’t wish to start a religious discussion

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