How did the OoMN communicate with Mata Nui?

These all relate to the same basic question, but I’ve divided it up into discrete parts, since I want to make sure a few specific points are addressed.

  1. Throughout the history of the MU, how much direct contact did the Order of Mata Nui have with Mata Nui? Was it like one-on-one conversations, or more like Order agents interpreting his will in the stars from afar?
  2. Did the Order have a way to initiate communication with Mata Nui, or was the communication strictly one-way?
  3. For example, how was the Time Slip coordinated between Mata Nui and the Order? I’m curious how that worked out logistically.
  4. On that topic, who came up with the idea that the Time Slip was necessary, Mata Nui or the Order?
  5. Were the star-signs something that Mata Nui consciously controlled, or something that happened unconsciously based on his state of mind?

Thanks for your time!


Well, here’s the thing. We have referred to the OOMN as serving Mata Nui or serving the will of Mata Nui – but to my knowledge, we have never in story indicated they were communicating directly with Mata Nui. In our history, there are loads of examples of people claiming to be carrying out the will of one deity or another, but that doesn’t mean they were actually talking to that entity. The OOMN was more than likely doing what they believed was best for Mata Nui, without being given overt direction. They may, at some point, have had access to some kind of “inside information,” but there is also no sign that they knew Mata Nui was a giant robot. So it doesn’t sound like they knew enough to know the fundamental nature of things.


Interesting…but wouldn’t they have had to speak directly with him at least once? After all, they were the ones responsible for planting clues that supported his deception of Teridax concerning who was supposed to become the Toa Metru. How would they have known that was even happening if they didn’t interact with him directly in some way?