How did Vakama escape Mavrah?

Hey Greg, I’ve been reading through G1 for the first time (love your work by the way) and I recently finished Adventures 5 Voyage of Fear. In it Mavrah has a pet rahi that can sense kanohi usage, so when Onewa mind controls Mavrah, the rahi starts screaming, ultimately freeing Mavrah, but right after that Vakama uses his mask to become invisible and escape to find the Vahki transport, so I was wondering if you had a reason as to why the rahi didn’t detect and stop Vakama once he used his kanohi?
Thanks for your time!

It did react, it detected the usage of the Kanohi Huna, and sreeched, but Vakama’s concentration didn’t break like Onewa’s did. And Vakama was invisible so Mavrah couldn’t see him, even if he wanted to do so.

Edit: And well, this was described in the book as well :smiley:


Cool thanks, sorry for the stupid question :sweat:
Edit: wow I just reread it and yep the rahi screams twice sorry to waste your time oops, I must have glossed over that

You didn’t waste my time. I’d say you just gave me a reason to reread one of my fav BIONICLE books :slight_smile: