How Did You Discover TTV?

Seems as though a lotta people came by way of the Autopsies stuck_out_tongue


I found ttv while searching for news on bionicle 2015 and then discovered autopsies, which I really liked, and I also discovered this community and have stayyed. smile

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I first watched their biocraft trailers. Then they did that new years video of them rushing to finish parts of the Mata Nui map and I liked the chemistry they had with each other so I started listening to the podcasts.

I found TTV through iBIONICLE

Yeah, you heard that right. He commented on Var's first Autopsy video back in early 2013, which caused it to appear in my "Recent Subscription Activity" feed. I watched the video and thought it was brilliant. A couple weeks later I started listening to the Podcast. I joined the Boards as soon as they went public. smiley


I had posted how I discovered TTV a long time ago on the Thank You TTV discussion, but here it is paraphrased.

A few years ago, I was at a low point in my life, and for once, Bionicle wasn't there to cheer me up. That was until I discovered TTV.


Youtube random search, was feeling nostalgic with Bionicle. Then I found out it was coming back again, then I found them talking about it on youtube. The end.


In 2012, I became a fan of the BS01 Podcast. When I listened to Makuta Fest for the first time, and the TTV cast was on there, I was like "who are these people?" But I never really looked into it.

Then in late May 2013, I think, I discovered the BioCraft thread on BZPower. It had a link to their channel, I listened to some of their videos and was like "Hey, aren't these the same people from Makuta Fest?" And I have been a fan ever since.

So I'm not sure if I should say I discovered them on Makuta Fest, or BZPower. stuck_out_tongue

I was actually watching an lp'r named ClementJ642 back in april last year and he brought on a guest commentator who went by NickonAquaMagna and i started watching some of his content and at the end he mentioned TTV, from there i did a bit of searching and found one of ElJay's recap reviews subscribed after watching a couple.

Shortly after someone I follow on twitter retweeted lego saying Bionicle was coming back, did some youtube searches on bionicle 2015 and found TheThreeVirtues channel. I watched a few of their videos and became an instant fan smiley

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I think it was some time after that Bionicle 2 game prototype was leaked, and I accidentally stumbled upon the TTV channel. Intrigued by it, I watched a couple of the Autopsy videos, and I've been subscribed ever since.

There was a game prototype?

Indeed it was, I was quite surprised when I learned of it.


Mah bro @Toa_BionicleFactory

I was in a bionicle mood and I looked up a review for the Exo-Toa. I soon found Eljay's review and started watching more videos on the channel.


I found them because of BioCraft RIP in pasta BC
The first episode of the podcast I legitimately listened to was ether this one :

or this one

I prefer the latter :3
before that i had only watched the side shows like eBay, Recaps and Autopsy.
Since then I have listened to almost every episode and Including the GASP IBZP ones! or at least the ones I could get my hands on
I actually recommend every one to do this mainly for the laughter of hearing their pre-pubescent voices. I nearly died laughing when I listened to the first episode Eljay was on. Everyone on the casts insist that they are bad but I find enjoyment out of them and regularly go back to the 7th episode: Fur Elise.

For anyone who wants it here is the link to some IBZP episodes:


At the end of G1 I searched around for Minecraft maps that were based off Mata Nui Island, and I stumbled upon the Biocraft trailer. I thought it was cool, except I found the acting a little annoying! /s

After a couple months I saw they had a podcast. I had been listening to Drunk Tank (Roosterteeth Podcast) a lot during that time and I didn't mind to have an extra podcast to listen to. I fell in love with it quick and thought their humor was a better match to my own, compared to other podcasts.

I've been tuning in to their content since ^^ I do like it more when things are made when they feel like it, instead of everything being pre-made and planned.

Isn't it funny that most of us found TTV with something that never came out xD?


I discovered TTV in 2013 or something while I was looking for some good BIONICLE videos, I discovered BIOCraft and thought "hey this is cool, I'll come back in a few months to see if this becomes a thing". I forgot about them and months later while making MOC's on July 2nd (yes, the day of the first 2015 leak) I was like "hey I wonder if BIOCraft is a thing now" I looked up BIOCraft and discovered the video where Var and Eljay covered the leaks and I've been watching them ever since.

'Twas June 2014. I had been watching a youtube channel by the name of Venturiantale. They were showing a Bionicle Gmod Mod, And the comments of that video were talking about how a channel called "TheThreeVirtues" Had been talking about Bionicle returning. I checked the channel out. I watched some of the Return of Bionicle Videos and then found Recap Reviews. I watched every episode. I then found the Podcast. I fell in love. I couldn't stop watching their videos. I had originally gone there just to watch Return of Bionicle videos. But I ended up watching everything but that. That is the story of how I found my favorite youtube channel.


I found TTV from Youtube. smile