How Did You Discover TTV?

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well that is the only way not sure if they have social media

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I can't remember how I found them but I think I found them through nameuunavailable.


I found TTV from RahkshiGuurahk. We were playing Minecraft on a server and I was building a house and he was watching Recap Review videos and the Biocraft tour and kept linking the videos in the chat.

I first found TTV when I came across BIONICLE Autopsy on Youtube. In early July, when I was looking to see if there were more Autopsy videos, I found their video about the first BIONICLE 2015 leak. From then on, I've followed the channel. wink

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I found the channel by accident when a "Bionicle autopsy" Appeared in my recommended videos and I went to see what other content was going down on the channel and I've been following them ever since.

I found the channel while looking for bonkle reviews in late 2014. I was watching a lms video when one of Eljay's recap reviews came up. After watching, I decided that this was my sort of reviewer, who had a sense of humour, and knew a lot about bionicle in general. I got into other bionicle based series such as bionicle autopsy and then checked out the rest of the channel e.g ttv podcast, on EBay today and subscribed, as I found that the entire cast was enjoyable to watch and listen to as in podcasts they were able to keep a conversation going for about an hour.

@AJM I thought you found them from Vimeo...😆

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I discovered TTV when I saw a Bionicle Autopsy video. I enjoyed it and watched the rest. Months later, when the BIONICLE 2015 pics leaked, I knew TTV would post something about it. I have been watching their videos frequently since then.

I found Bionicle Autopsy one day. and I later found out the rest.

There was this odd looking guy with a skull for a mask I met on BZP.
The rest is known basically only to Meso, MT, and I. =P


Brother told me Bionicle was back, I searched it up on Google, TTV comes up. Subed around 6,000 subscribers, before the boom the happened over the fall.


I was watching a video on someone's moc, and I saw a video that said BIONICLE 2015 SET PICS so I clicked it, and it was sooo fake. but a long time later I heard rumors of bionicle coming back for real, so I looked it up, and found TTV's video on the first leak (at the time the only leak). I forgot about that video for a long time, but then I saw their video on the box art images. I subscribed and now i watch every single video they make.


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Kinda just ran across the channel while looking for good youtube Bionicle content. TBH the number of videos i've watched can be counted on two hands... weary


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Basically, I was doing something, my brother said "come here", and showed me the podcast episode when the first leak came out, and here I am

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